2016: Tunisian award winning film to open Arab film days

We are ready to start off Arab film days 2016 in the best way possible. As I Open My Eyes is directed by Leyla Bouzid, and she perfectly describes the atmosphere of fear and suspicion that characterizes Tunisia during its dictatorship. The film delivers one of the best descriptions of the Arab spring without showing any demonstrations. The film is also full of catchy songs that are performed with great conviction.

Av 5. apr 2016

Time: Thursday April 14th 6 pm.
Place: Victoria kino
Tickets: Purchase HERE 

In As I Open My Eyes we meet the charming and encouraging 18-year-old woman Farah, who struggles toward against both her family and the regime to achieve the dream of becoming a singer in a time right before the Arab Spring breaks out. The father works and lives in a different town because he denies being a part of the presidential party. The mother has burdened herself to “protect” Farah against taking the wrong choices in life, something she knows too well as a former rebel when she was young. Farah defies her own family and fights the limited freedom of speech when she sneaks out and lives a life as a vocalist in a band with political lyrics and having a boyfriend in secret.

As I Open My Eyes has impressed the whole film world and is the Arabic film that has won most international awards this year. The film portrays the mood of fear and suspiciousness strongly that prevailed during the dictatorship in Tunisia, and gives one of the best film portrayals of the Arab Spring, without any expose of demonstrations. It is the female in a leading role that really lifts the film to its next level with youthful impact and spark through the camera lens. Additionally, the film is loaded with astonishing singers who perform with great truthfulness.

A headstrong young woman in Tunisia bucks her parents and her repressive society in Leyla Bouzid’s impressive debut. Variety

Oslo’s mayor, Marianne Borgen, will officially open Arab film days. There will be served refreshments before the screening to ticketholders.