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Sat Nov 17 16:46:06 UTC 2018

And the winners are...

It is with great pride we introduce the winners of the year of the Silver Mirror Award, DOC:SOUTH, New Voices and the Audience Award.

Sat Nov 10 08:42:46 UTC 2018

The Cannes-success that is forbidden in its home country

During this year’s Cannes Festival, Kenyan Rafiki became one of successes among both the audience and critics. In the films home country, however, director Wanuri Kahius's beautiful film about a love story between two young girls has been banned.

Wed Nov 07 22:15:54 UTC 2018

The power of images

Maryam Ebrahimi is a documentary filmmaker. She’s originally from Iran but has lived in Sweden since 2004. In the movie Stronger than a bullet, she looks back on the Iran / Iraq war in the 80's.

Tue Nov 06 19:24:37 UTC 2018

A conversation with Ash Mayfair

The Third Wife is an exquisite period film: It is beautiful and sensuous, and makes subtle use of gazes and gestures to tell a story rooted in thorough knowledge about history.

Tue Nov 06 19:04:04 UTC 2018

A conversation with Tugce Altug

Tugce Altug plays the role of Suzi in Butterflies, and is our guest at this year's festival

Tue Nov 06 16:58:34 UTC 2018

Never to return home

Everyone talks about Gaza and the West Bank, but nobody talks about Lebanon. I wanted to make a movie for those people who are feeling forgotten, says Mats. This is my gift to all the people who lived in the camp.

Mon Nov 05 22:57:33 UTC 2018


Laila at the Bridge is a touching and intimate look at the massive drug problem in Afghanistan, seen through the work of the self-driven activist Laila Haidari. Read more in our interview with director Elizabeth Mirzaei.

Mon Nov 05 22:46:18 UTC 2018


Unlike its neighbouring countries Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, has the film industry in Paraguay been more or less non-existing. With his first film The Heiresses, Marcello Martinessi has brought hope to Paraguayan film, and the film won four prizes at this year’s Berlinale. Read our interview with Martinessi below.  

Sun Oct 28 13:47:42 UTC 2018

Prescreening of Matangi/Maya/M.I.A + club night at Blå

Following the screening of Matangi/Maya/M.I.A. at Vega Scene we invite you to a party and club night at the venue Blå. 


Sun Oct 28 13:33:19 UTC 2018

The Critical Room

Since 2003 we have dug deeper into societal issues related to Asia, Africa and Latin America through The Critical Room, our regular and highly popular section of film screenings and social­ debates

Sun Oct 14 11:12:25 UTC 2018

Films from the South presents ”Film fra Før”

In 2020 we will be celebrating Films from the Souths 30th anniversary! We are already starting the celeberation by making a new event were we will be screening a selection of some of the best movies Films from the South has had to offer.

Sun Oct 14 11:09:09 UTC 2018

Culinary Cinema: Cuban Food Stories at Vippa

We will be repeating last years succsess, and invite you to a free screening on Vippa, one of Oslo´s most renowned food markets, November 10th.

Sun Oct 14 11:06:00 UTC 2018

Japanese evening at Kulturkirken Jakob

Join us for an exciting musical evening at Kulturkirken Jakob  where we will be screening a documentary about the musical genius Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda.

Sun Sep 30 17:04:18 UTC 2018

Program release + suprice screening

Save the date! October 26th we will be celebrating that this year´s program (hopefully) has arrived safely.

Thu Sep 27 12:46:58 UTC 2018

A dark fairytale at Kulturkirken Jakob: Tigers Are Not Afraid

Join us, if you dare, for this special screening in Kulturkirken Jakob.

Mon Sep 03 14:24:03 UTC 2018

Event overview and key dates

There is still a few months left until Films from the South festival, however, we have many other events that you might enjoy while you wait! This is an overview of important dates and the events we have planned this fall.

Mon Sep 03 13:52:13 UTC 2018

Outdoor cinema at Schous plass: Wild Tales

Want a small taste on what we have in store for this years Film From the South? In collaboration with Deichmanske library, Grünerløkka, we will be screening Wild Tales outdoors at Schous plass. 

Sun Apr 29 09:09:10 UTC 2018


The Sørfond-supported film Rafiki by Wanuri Kahiu has been invited to the 71st edition of Cannes film festival to compete in the prestigious Un Certain Regard.

Mon Feb 26 19:51:27 UTC 2018


The Sørfond-supported film The Heiresses by Marcelo Martinessi took home four prizes from the 68th edition of the Berlin International Film Festival.

Thu Jan 18 15:32:08 UTC 2018


The Sørfond-supported film Las Herederas by Marcelo Martinessi have been invited to the Competition of the 68th edition of the Berlin International Film Festival.

Mon Jan 15 11:05:32 UTC 2018

Director portraits 2017

A good way to begin the year is to look back at all the wonderful guests we had at last year's festival. 

Wed Nov 29 14:36:00 UTC 2017

A strong visual expression

Hala Elkoussy from Egypt visited this year's festival with her debut film, Cactus Flower supported from Sørfond. We had a chat with Elkoussy about her work as a visual artist. 

Sat Nov 18 12:47:02 UTC 2017

And the winners are....

We are proud to present this year’s winners of The Silver Mirror, Doc:South and the Audience Awards.

Fri Nov 17 15:17:04 UTC 2017

Picaresque – a conversation with the Argentinian director Anahí Berneri

Films from the South 2017: The Argentinian director Anahí Berneri (b. 1975) visits Oslo this week with her new film Alanis, which is partaking in the main competition during this year’s Films from the South. In this interview Berneri discusses her visual philosophy, thematic exploration and the position of female directors in Argentina and internationally.

Wed Nov 15 14:04:32 UTC 2017

A brutal reality

Killing Jesus is based on director Laura MOr's own brutal reality, but how much of the film is actually true? 

Wed Nov 15 13:16:12 UTC 2017

The new green gold

We are introduced to a phenomenon called "land grabbing," a serious and growing problem in developing countries, in director Joakim Demmer's documentary Dead Donkey’s Fear No Hyenas. 

Wed Nov 15 12:34:10 UTC 2017


The Argentinian director Diego Lerman (b. 1976) is participating in the main contest during this year’s festival with his award-winning film A Sort of Family. We talked with the filmmaker ahead of his Oslo-visit.

Wed Nov 15 12:17:32 UTC 2017

When life is political, the films are political

For Annemarie Jacir Palestine is a home she always carries with her. Through this prism she sees both the world and her own life, and it’s Palestine that gives her faith in humans and in the human ability to survive.

Tue Nov 07 22:54:58 UTC 2017


It’s finally here! The main event of the season, scratch that, the event of the year! Films From the South is coming back on 9 November, and here’s our guide to make sure you get the most out of the festival as possible!

Mon Nov 06 21:24:13 UTC 2017

“I will continue to make my films” – a conversation with Iranian director Mohammad Rasoulof

Films from the South 2017: “Cinema does not want to be under the influence and rule of the governing body. I will continue to make my films,” says director Mohammad Rasoulof steadfastly determined. We have just received a depressing email that Rasoulof – who was supposed to be one of this year’s Films from the South-guests – has had his passport revoked in his home country Iran and is not allowed to travel to Norway.  

Sun Nov 05 13:59:13 UTC 2017

Bombed to fraternity and compassion

Director Firas Fayyad’s documentary The Last Men in Aleppo is more than a personal project, it’s a passionate search to save our compassion.

Fri Nov 03 14:39:38 UTC 2017

Winning the peace

We talked to director Natalia Orozco about her film, When the Guns Go Silent, and the peace process in Colombia.

Fri Nov 03 13:44:01 UTC 2017


Read more about Gustavo Rondón Cordova’s film La Familia, Caracas and the making of movies in Venezuela.

Wed Nov 01 15:20:00 UTC 2017

Programming The Critical Room

Per Eirik Gilsvik is the program manager for The Critical Room, one of Films from the South’s permanent program sections. The Critical Room consist of films and documentaries that raises important contemporary issues. The films are always followed by interesting discussions with filmmakers and relevant experts. We sat down with Per Eirik Gilsvik to discuss his job.

Tue Oct 31 23:22:52 UTC 2017

This year’s candidates for the Oscars at Films from the South

Take a closer look at the six films at the year’s Films from the South that are their respective countries nominees for the Oscars.

Tue Oct 31 22:39:30 UTC 2017

The program is out!

The big day has finally arrived. The entire program for this year’s Films from the South festival has been released and tickets are up for sale!

Mon Oct 23 09:03:27 UTC 2017

Horror in the church: TOKYO VAMPIRE HOTEL

Join us for an unforgettable evening in Kulturkirken Jakob as we show the Japanese horror flick Tokyo Vampire Hotel and captivating noise-rock band Deathcrush turns up to DJ.

Mon Oct 23 08:58:25 UTC 2017

Full festival tickets, punch cards and select tickets for sale

Whoopee! Full Festival Tickets and Punch Cards are for sale! Tickets to the full program will be for sale from October 27, but we’re so excited to kick off this year’s festival that we’re already putting tickets to a few screening up for sale now!

Tue Oct 17 07:59:29 UTC 2017

Culinary cinema: RAMEN HEADS at VIPPA

We’re setting up a film screening in the old waterfront shed Vippa, and welcome all to a free showing of the gastro-film Ramen Heads.

Wed Oct 11 09:53:34 UTC 2017


A master, a horrifying new section and a sought-after feminist-film: here are some samples from this fall’s Films From the South-program.

Tue Sep 12 14:44:39 UTC 2017


The Sørfond-supported film Candelaria by Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza won the prize for Best Director at Venice Days section during the 74th Venice Film Festival this weekend.

Mon Sep 11 14:19:26 UTC 2017

Kulturnatt with a Japanese twist

Oslo Kulturnatt will be held on Sept. 15, and we’re inviting all to join us for an outdoor cinema when we screen the Japanese mega-hit Your Name.

Mon Sep 11 14:12:35 UTC 2017

Save the date(s)

Save the dates and don’t miss out on all the fun before the festival begins in November.

Fri Aug 25 14:16:17 UTC 2017

Wed May 03 07:35:37 UTC 2017

The Art of Fiction

Orhan Pamuk, Turkish Nobel Prize winner in Literature, will be presenting a unique project he worked with as both author and artist, a collaboration between Films from the South and The Global Art Project. Literature, art and documentary film are the central ingredients when the world-famous author pays Oslo a visit from May 22nd to 25th.


Wed Apr 26 07:52:36 UTC 2017


Two Sørfond-supported films have been selected to the 70th Cannes film festival. Beauty and the Dogs, Kaouther Ben Hania’s third feature length film, will compete in the prestigious Un certain regard. Gustavo Rondóns feature film debut, La Familia, has been selected to the competition program of Semaine de la Critique. 


Sat Oct 15 10:28:06 UTC 2016

And the winners are ...

We proudly present this year's winners of The Silver Mirror Award, The Silver Mirror Honorary Award, The Doc:South Award and The Audience Award.

Thu Oct 06 12:47:59 UTC 2016

Thu Oct 06 11:31:54 UTC 2016

Cowboys Who Dream of Another Life – a conversation with director Gabriel Mascaro

Brazilian filmmaker Gabriel Mascaro (b. 1983) is visiting Oslo and participating in the Main Competition at the Films From the South festival this year with his second feature film, Neon Bull.

Tue Oct 04 21:30:40 UTC 2016

The Critical Room: Film and debate

The Critical Room (TCR) is a forum for film and debate, established in 2003. This years' forum has a high standard as always, and several exciting guests, films and debates.

Tue Oct 04 14:19:44 UTC 2016

Parting with a master: Abbas Kiarostami

Film enthusiasts all over the world were shocked to the core by the death of Abbas Kiarostami in July (of this year). As his colleague Asghar Farhadi so aptly put it in an interview with The Guardian soon after: “It's not just the world of cinema that has lost a great man; the whole world has lost someone really great.”

Tue Oct 04 12:22:30 UTC 2016

Universal humanism – A conversation with Mahamat-Saleh Haroun

Mahamat-Saleh Haroun (b. 1961) is one of Africa`s leading filmmakers.  This year he is one of the special guests at the Films From the South festival and as usual he brings with him a baggage of strong, political messages. 

Sun Oct 02 18:02:46 UTC 2016

Guide to Films From The South 2016

Overwhelmed by all of the possibilities offered? Don't worry, here's a neat little guide to this year's Films from the South!

Wed Sep 28 13:50:41 UTC 2016

And life goes on - Hirokazu Koreeda’s relentless faith in humanity

The films of the Japanese maestro are fragile endeavours into everyday struggles to uphold meaning in the face of loss and sorrow.


Tue Sep 27 14:01:55 UTC 2016


The complete program, free screenings and activities.

Wed Sep 21 21:36:59 UTC 2016

The complete festival programme is released!

The festival program is out and tickets are available NOW! 

Mon Sep 19 13:00:23 UTC 2016

Gabriel Mascaro to guest Films from the South

A sharp eye for the lives of human beings.

Mon Sep 19 10:27:47 UTC 2016

One of Africa's leading filmmakers to guest Films from the South

The battle against corruption, violence and abuse of power.

Fri Sep 16 14:18:08 UTC 2016

Selected tickets for sale now!

This year’s festival programme will be released in it’s entirety on Friday, September 23rd, but we’re looking so much forward to this festival that we’re dropping a few of the titles already! We recommend you buy tickets quickly, as these films are available longer than the rest of our programme, and will be more easily sold out.

Fri Sep 16 10:40:31 UTC 2016

Fri Sep 16 09:12:12 UTC 2016

Amat Escalante to guest Films from the South

Investigating the gloomy sides of the Mexican society.

Thu Sep 15 09:34:27 UTC 2016

The Handmaiden to open Films from the South 2016

Films from the South Festival starts off with a visual feast of a South Korean thriller by star director Park Chan-wook on October 6 at 18:00. After the screening, we invite you to the opening party at MESH.

Tue Aug 16 15:06:08 UTC 2016

The Agent Provocateur

Morten Traavik’s Liberation Day, a documentary about North Korea’s first ever rock concert, screens at Films from the South.


Fri Aug 05 12:30:54 UTC 2016

Important dates 2016

It's still two months until Films from the South 2016 begins, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing else to look forward to! We give you a little calender of key dates to take notice of, of events worth taking part of as summer turns to autumn.

Wed Oct 21 06:33:29 UTC 2015


Ben Patterson's debut film started with a phone call from Pras, the rapper from The Fugees. This brought him to Haiti and a presidential campaign unlike any other. 

Tue Oct 20 12:51:47 UTC 2015

A conversation with Hana Saeidi – from uncle Jafar's taxi to the Berlinale and festival opening in Oslo

We caught up with Hana Saeidi, Jafar Panahi's niece, when she was in Oslo at the Films From the South opening ceremony. The young actress made a terrific debut role in Panahi's latest film, Taxi, which was also the opening film at Film from the South in 2015.

Sat Oct 17 11:03:23 UTC 2015

and the winners are...

We proudly present this year's winners of The Silver Mirror Award, The Silver Mirror Honorary Award, The Doc:South Award and The Audience Award. 

Fri Oct 16 20:05:18 UTC 2015

Cold Harbour: dark social commentary – a conversation with director Carey McKenzie

Cold Harbour is Carey McKenzie’s film debut. The film focus on legal drawbacks and is strongly inspired and influenced by the social situation in her homeland, South Africa. Do not miss our last screening of Cold Harbour, Saturday October 17, 21:30 o'clock at Victoria kino.

Fri Oct 16 07:22:00 UTC 2015

Deconstructing the past – a conversation with Pablo Larraín

The Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín is one of the principal guests during this year's edition of Films from the South. Meet him at the festival on Friday October 16, when he presents his latest film El Club and on Saturday October 17, when he presents his debut film Fuga! With the political satire No (2012), he landed Chile's first Oscar nomination. We exchanged a few words with the promising director before his arrival in Oslo in October.


Fri Oct 16 07:16:13 UTC 2015

See Finding Fela – the documentary about afrobeat innovator Fela Kuti, and check out our afrobeat-playlists!

Become better acquainted with the musician – and activist – Fela Kuti in the wonderful documentary Finding Fela, and dive into the afrobeat genre with our specially curated playlist!

Thu Oct 15 11:22:15 UTC 2015

Don’t miss the seven candidates for Oscar nominations!

Films from the South never miss an opportunity to screen some of the best films of the year. No less than seven Oscar nominees for candidates in competition for best foreign language film are part of this year’s programme.

Thu Oct 15 08:19:12 UTC 2015

El Clásico: Two small people with big dreams – a conversation with Halkawt Mustafa

The Norwegian-Kurdish director Halkawt Mustafa has made a film about big dreams, an enormous passion for football and with a large portion of love.

Tue Oct 13 11:55:06 UTC 2015

Forbidden songs in Doc:South

The films They Will Have to Kill Us First and Tomorrow We Disappear give us a close insight into the problems that arise when an entire people is driven from their artistic lives and homes.

Mon Oct 12 07:47:19 UTC 2015

Living in inner exile – a conversation with Abderrahmane Sissako

The Mauritian director Abderrahmane Sissako is one of a few African filmmakers to get international recognition, especially after the Oscar nomination for Timbuktu (2014). With Sissako's imminent visit to this year's edition of Films from the South, we had a quick plunge into the director's filmography with the man himself.

Sun Oct 11 20:13:26 UTC 2015

A conversation with Ciro Guerra

Colombian director Ciro Guerra is bringing his excellent new film Embrace of the Serpent to Oslo during the Films From the South festival in October. We had a chat with Guerra before his arrival, to discuss both his new work and his thougths on the generation of Colombian filmmakers that he's part of.

Sat Oct 10 19:29:33 UTC 2015

The Critical Room – a conversation

The Critical Room is the festival forum for film and debate. Six films are shown and five talks are arranged during this years festival in hope of creating a dialogue about important social issues.


Fri Oct 09 11:45:17 UTC 2015


It was with great fanfare that Dag Asbjørnsen, the festival's founder, held a great opening speech for a sold out Klingenberg at the Films from the South opening ceremony. We thought the speech was so nice that we would like to share it with you. It is presented here in its entirety.

Wed Oct 07 17:57:14 UTC 2015

It's a strange world, just have a look at the Dok:South program

«Truth is stranger than fiction», said Lord Byron, and judging by this year's Dok:South section, it's not exactly difficult to agree on his statement. Join us on a quick tour, and you'll see what we mean.

Tue Oct 06 19:15:02 UTC 2015

Director and producer team of Silver Bear awardwinner Ixcanul confirmed as guests!

It's always fun when exciting festival guests show up at the last minute. And this is such a joyous bonus – we're pleased to announce that a very dynamic duo in the form of the director and producer team behind the Silver Bear winner Ixcanul are heading to Oslo!

Wed Sep 30 11:39:16 UTC 2015

Jared Zeleke visits Films From the South

We rejoice in having confirmed yet another fantastic director as a guest at this year's Films from the South, namely Ethiopian Jared Zeleke! His Sørfond-supported Lamb did brilliant at Cannes' Un Certain Regard program, and was actually in the festival's 68 years old history the first Ethiopian film to achieve this.

Wed Sep 30 06:05:24 UTC 2015

Mangapolis EpiCon minifestival at Filmens Hus

Mangapolis EpiCon Films is Films From the South festival's geeky pop culture alias! We extend this year's Mangapolis EpiCon-concept with a 2-day mini festival at Filmens Hus on October 10-11 during the Films from the South festival period. 


Thu Sep 24 14:13:05 UTC 2015


Finally, we can reveal the complete guest program for Films From the South 2015! Our highly distinguished guest list counts fourteen film personalities of international stature, truly worthy of a 25th anniversary festival edition! 

Thu Sep 24 09:01:19 UTC 2015


Finally, we can publicly announce the festival program! Check out what you can choose from among the 84 films in our 2015 selection. And not only is the program now online, the festival magazine has also arrived – fresh from print! Pick it up at a cinema near you.

Tue Sep 22 13:27:08 UTC 2015


We present our third Director's Special Portrait of Films from the South 8.–18. October: Ciro Guerra! The Colombian filmmaker's latest movie, Embrace of the Serpent, received the coveted Art Cinema Award as part of the Director's Fortnight program at this year's Cannes festival. It is an honour to invite him to this anniversary edition of Films from the South!

Tue Sep 22 09:54:26 UTC 2015


We're launching our second Director's Special Portrait of Films from the South 2015: Abderrahmane Sissako! His latest film, Timbuktu, was one of the most buzzworthy movies at Cannes in 2014, and it's an honor to invite him to participate in this celebratory edition of our festival.

Fri Sep 18 14:12:31 UTC 2015


We're launching our first Director's Special Portrait of Films from the South 2015: Pablo Larraín! His film No opened the festival in 2012, and now he finally pays us a visit at this year's festival. Don't miss out on his latest masterpiece El Club, which won the Jury Grand Prix during the Berlin International Film Festival!

Fri Sep 18 11:35:41 UTC 2015


The 25th edition of the Films From the South festival kicks off with the Norwegian premiere of Jafar Panahi's TAXI. 

Fri Sep 18 07:41:56 UTC 2015

Festival passes and ticket cards for sale now!

Hooray! Finally, you can buy festival passes and ticket cards for the 25th edition of the Films From the South festival. We're screening up to 90 quality films from distant corners of the Earth in this anniversary edition, so feel free to lounge in your cinema seat and enjoy the journey! 

Tue Sep 08 07:37:07 UTC 2015

Program release at Ingensteds

We are proud to present this year's festival program fresh off the press! 84 quality films in all genres from 34 different countries and more than 250 screenings awaits you when Films from the South Festival celebrates it`s 25th anniversary October. 8.-18.

Wed Aug 05 10:57:04 UTC 2015

2015 profile release!

We simply cannot hold our breath any longer, dear festival audience! We MUST share the 2015 festival profile with you!  

Fri Jul 17 09:57:51 UTC 2015

Øyakino: Sweet Micky for President with Pras of Fugees

Meet Ghetto Supastar a.k.a. Pras, as he heads to Oslo to present the European premiere of the brand new documentary SWEET MICKY FOR PRESIDENT. The event is a collaboration between Films from the South, Oslo World Music Festival, Nordisk Film Kino and Øyafestivalen.

Mon Jun 22 16:46:00 UTC 2015

Netflix from the South

This year's Films from the South festival, the 8-18th of October, is our 25th festival. Not bad! A rough estimate shows that we've screened over 2000 films during these years of featuring movies from far off places. But how many of these titles are actually available for streaming at Netflix?

Mon Apr 27 09:57:21 UTC 2015

From farming to the red carpet in Cannes

Ethiopian first-time director Yared Zeleke hits Cannes Film Festival with SØRFOND supported LAMB. The film is included in the prestigious section Un Certain Regard 2015. He visited The Arab Film Days and we had a quick chat with him. 

Fri Oct 31 07:35:00 UTC 2014

Awards Films From the South 2014

Eleven days of film festival is almost over. We hope you have had a wonderful experience so far, and that you will continue to be our guests in the future. Here are the winners of the awards for 2014. 

Sat Oct 18 10:56:00 UTC 2014


Films from the South is over for now but the impressions of the audiences and the films will certainly last for longer. We spoke to three loyal festival goers about the films that left the biggest impressions this year.

Fri Oct 17 14:41:00 UTC 2014

Khalo Matabane and the great icon of liberation

Khalo Matabane’s films have tackled issues central to South Africa’s fragile democratic identity with sensitivity and intelligence. His documentaries have ranged in topics such as HIV/AIDS in Love in a Time of Sickness, the liberation struggle of three township activists with nothing in common in Young Lions to exposing the immigrant experience of Johannesburg in Conversations on a Sunday Afternoon. 

Thu Oct 16 11:12:00 UTC 2014

Jodorowsky visits Films from the South via Skype

Cult legend Alejandro Jodorowsky was meant to visit the Films from the South Festival 16th – 19th October as our guest of honour. Unfortunately he is prevented to travel due to illness, but will be present via Skype in correspondence with the announced artist talks and screenings. 

Thu Oct 16 06:39:00 UTC 2014

Closing Ceremony with Jodorowsky´s Dune

We called up the director of this years closing-film Frank Pavich, for a talk about his latest, much anticipated documentary; Jodorowsky´s Dune. The documentary about the greatest movie never made. Meet Pavich and Jodorowsky in conversation at the closing ceremony. 

Thu Oct 16 06:00:00 UTC 2014

Art, Satire and Freedom of Speech in South Africa

In the spring of 2012, Brett Murray exhibited his painting, The Spear, at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg. Just weeks later he had been publicly condemned and he had received multiple death threats. Not long after, the painting was defaced. This is the starting point of Shield and Spear, a documentary film dealing with art and freedom of speech in present-day South Africa. We got the opportunity to ask Brett Murray some questions about the controversy surrounding his painting, about the situation in South Africa and about the film.

Wed Oct 15 14:28:00 UTC 2014

Beyond favelas

Latin America's largest country has experienced ups and downs in its long film history. After hitting rock bottom in the early 90s, Brazilian film has flourished again, and Brazil is currently one of the most exciting film nations in the world. Join us on a road trip through Brazil's modern film history- from the barren plains in the northeast, through the slums of Rio and out to the vibrant coastal city of Recife. 

Wed Oct 15 13:56:00 UTC 2014

Dealing with forced marriages

Director Afia Nathaniel depicts in her first feature film, Dukhtar, an extreme form of forced marriage, that between a child and an old man. The consequence is a mother and her daughter running for freedom. Nathaniel knows Pakistan well and what it means to be forced into marriage. She wants above all to make changes with her film.

Tue Oct 14 16:03:00 UTC 2014

Daniel Burman presents The Mystery of Happiness

Daniel Burman’s The Mystery of Happiness is a warm, contemplative film that questions the true nature of happiness. What is happiness? What happens when the object of our happiness no longer brings us happiness? Do we continue to hold on out of obligation or do we move on? We sat down for an exclusive interview with the director about his latest work.

Tue Oct 14 13:49:00 UTC 2014

George Ovashvili - simply gorgeous

It is with great pleasure we announce that George Ovashvili will be our guest at this year’s Films from the South Festival. In his suitcase, he brings with him his newest film, Corn Island - winner of this year’s main prize at the prestigious Karlovy Vary Film Festival and also Georgias Oscar- candidate for best foreign film. Meet the director at October 15th and 16th during the festival.

Mon Oct 13 14:44:00 UTC 2014

Afia Nathaniel - my life is just like Top Gun

After several award-winning short films, Afia Nathaniel makes her debut with the beautiful film Dukhtar (Daughter). Inspired by a true story from her home country, Pakistan. The road has been long, but the result makes an exhilarating thriller with a ravishing film language. The film has been awarded production grants by SØRFOND.

Mon Oct 13 06:41:00 UTC 2014

Magical Márquez

In April this year, the critically acclaimed and much adored Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez passed away. Lush, exotic, enhancing, magical ... these are the words that are often used to describe the books by the author who probably, with the possible exception of pop singer Shakira, is the world's most famous Colombian. Films from the South honors the iconic author by screening three films based on his novels and short stories.

Sun Oct 12 06:11:00 UTC 2014

The South American wave part 2

This year's main guests range from the expressionist by Brazilian Karim Aïnouz, the realistic drama by Venezuelan Mariana Rondón, the surreal in the films of Chilean-French Alejandro Jodorowsky, the interpersonal, but more conventional in Argentine Daniel Burmans movies. Our four main guests who have been selected for this year's director´s special portraits, all originate in South-America. Is this a coincidence?

Sat Oct 11 06:33:00 UTC 2014

The South American wave part 1

This year's main guests range from the expressionist by Brazilian Karim Aïnouz, the realistic drama by Venezuelan Mariana Rondón, the surreal in the films of Chilean-French Alejandro Jodorowsky, the interpersonal, but more conventional in Argentine Daniel Burmans movies. Our four main guests who have been selected for this year's director´s special portraits, all originate in South-America. Is this a coincidence? 

Fri Oct 10 11:34:00 UTC 2014

Director's Special Portrait: Meet Karim Aïnouz

His films portrays empathy with individuals who are determined to define themselves and their own way of living, much like himself. Born to a conservative Algerian father and being gay in a predominantly macho culture he explores the fine lines of close relationships. Brazilian director Karim Aïnouz is one of the four main guests at this year's festival.

Thu Oct 09 20:33:00 UTC 2014

Director's Special Portrait: Meet Alejandro Jodorowsky

Films from the South proudly presents this year's guest of honor in collaboration with Cinemateket and Serieteket. Cult legend, master of the psycho-spiritual and last year's Silver Mirror winner Alejandro Jodorowsky visits the festival. We show a selection of his films, welcome you to conversation and screen the infamous documentary about the Dune project that was never realized.

Thu Oct 09 08:30:00 UTC 2014

Director´s Special Portrait: Meet Daniel Burman

Honored in the press as the new Woody Allen, this Argentine director and producer gives us romantic and quirky stories from everyday life in contemporary urban Argentina. He is part of a broader wave called New Argentine Cinema and won a Silver Bear for his film Lost Embrace. Meet Daniel Burman, one of our main guest in conversation and watch three of his acknowledged films during the festival. Que bueno.  

Thu Oct 09 05:00:00 UTC 2014

Oscar Glory - Who Will Win it in 2015?

Film professionals everywhere are gearing up for what is arguably the biggest film event in the world: The Academy Awards, better known as The Oscars. Here we have a look at some of the latest predictions on who will cap Oscar glory in 2015 and share some of our favorite South films that are in the race.

Wed Oct 08 21:00:00 UTC 2014

Film festival - searching for gold

The annual film festival, Films from the South, is just a few days away, and the audience will be treated to films from every corner of the world. Programdirector at Nordic Film Cinema, Christin Berg, welcomes the festival season and looks forward to the variety of films it represents. She knows the film festival scene in Norway intimately. 

Tue Oct 07 19:33:00 UTC 2014

Familyfun at Kid´s Corner

Films from the South have an own section just for the kids. Let the capuchin-monkey Saï take you into the rainforest, meet Japanese witches and wizards with milliner Sofî and go on incredible adventures with magical animated Manolo. In addition, we have a full day dedicated to manga and animé fans, the Mangapolis Day, with Pokemón gaming, costumes and great prizes.

Mon Oct 06 20:13:00 UTC 2014

Festival Guide for 2014

It's that time of year. Nature changes its colors and the evening darkness comes earlier. We light candles inside and wrap ourselves in warm scarves outside. Fortunately, there are many bright sides even to the dark season, and best of all: autumn equals Films from the South! Whether you are a regular festival-goer or it´s your first time at Films from the South, we hope you´ll have some wonderful October days filled with great movie experiences. Below we have compiled some tips that can guide you through this year’s Films from the South. 

Fri Oct 03 09:39:00 UTC 2014

Director´s Special Portrait: Meet Mariana Rondón

Mariana Rondón is an outspoken critic of the intolerance, political polarization and homofobia she experiences in her home country. Her films are distanced yet without blurring natural feelings. It is therefore pleasing to present three awarded films of hers at this years Films from the South, and we are looking forward to becoming better acquainted with one of our main guests, Mariana Rondón and her Venezuelan stories. 

Thu Oct 02 19:36:00 UTC 2014

Focus: Georgia & Kazakhstan

Under Soviet, both Kazakhstan and Georgia were important centers for film production, especially for the Soviet propaganda machinery. Now the area is in the middle of a critical nation-building process in which national identity is having a renaissance,  something that their good quality films reflects. We have therefore decided to put extra focus on films from Kazakhstan and Georgia at this years Films from the South Festival. 

Wed Oct 01 11:30:00 UTC 2014

Films from the South celebrates The Day of the Girl Child

Girls Day is a day of celebration and inspiration for girls of all ages. Through films, debates and activities, we want to contribute, recognize and highlight the rights of girls and the challenges girls around the world encounter. Come and celebrate the UN´s International Day of the Girl Child at Filmens Hus with us! 

Tue Sep 16 15:27:00 UTC 2014

Tickets on sale now!

Tickets for this year's film journey around the world are now available online. The paper magasine is available at all cinemas and as PDF online. Go ahead, have a look at our amazingly good selection of quality film from Asia, Africa and Latin-America

Tue Sep 16 10:33:00 UTC 2014

Films from the South launches Mangapolis Day

Important message to all animé and manga fans. Filmens Hus is the venue for this year's exhibition of animéfilm, manga games and general geeking, a whole day dedicated to Mangapolis as part of the festival. Sunday October 12th, starting 12 PM to 21 PM, be there! Great prizes for best costume and yet more to come. 

Fri Sep 05 06:00:00 UTC 2014

Early Bird festivalpasses on sale now!

Do you love good film? Then you simply have to catch the Films from the South Festival 9th-19th. October, where we will show a wide range of quality films from Asia, Latin America and Africa. Until September 18th, you can buy your festival pass at a favorable price! 

Mon Aug 04 12:33:13 UTC 2014

Check out this year's festival profile!

A tribute to the imagination and the world of dreams, says the regular designer for the Films from the South festival, Eiliv Gunleiksrud, about this year's festival profile, which is ready to be distributed in all channels. This royale profile complements the film-fireworks in October, adds Artistic Director Lasse Skagen. In other words, much to look forward to!

Sun Oct 20 13:21:04 UTC 2013

Awards Films From the South 2013

From burlesque surrealism to poetic realism. This year's three winning films are unique and very different from one another. Yet they all take you on a journey, and like the eye in this year's festival profile, invite stories to unfold in the eye of the beholder. 

Fri Oct 18 08:07:57 UTC 2013

Africa on the Menu

The past decade has seen an explosion of activities related to cinema from across the African continent, particularly in Sub-Sahara Africa where historically there’s no strong presence of film, besides the phenomenon that is Nigeria’s Nollywood. 

Thu Oct 17 08:02:01 UTC 2013

Focus on the Middle East and South Asia

The emergence of Middle Eastern and South Asian cinema over the years has given us a broader perspective of an often misunderstood region of the world. With the success of directors like Asghar Farhadi and Yesim Ustaoglu, festival audiences have been treated to some pretty awesome films so far.  But it doesn’t end there. As we progress into the final few days of Films from the South there are even more new and exciting films to look forward to! 

Wed Oct 16 14:35:47 UTC 2013

Mexican on the menu

The climate between the Pacific and Caribbean oceans seems to be particularly suited to filmmaking. A steady stream of good films are finding their way to us, from this cinema heavy weight. Since 2005 the Mexican film industry has been growing, and more than 70 films are made each year. At this year's Films from the South Festival we will introduce you to 5 directors with ties to Mexican cinema, and what is being called Nuevo Cine Méxicano –  The New Mexican Cinema.

Tue Oct 15 12:16:42 UTC 2013

The Indian film industry celebrates 100th Anniversary!

The world's largest film industry is found in India, which in 2013 celebrates its 100th anniversary. For this reason we want to honour India and its array of colourful films at this year's Films from the South. You can look forward to political dramas, a high feel good factor and fabulous dance numbers.

Tue Oct 15 07:45:06 UTC 2013

Director's Special Portrait: Nadir Moknèche and 'Goodbye Morocco'

Listen to French-Algerian writer/director Nadir Moknèche in conversation with Kalle Løchen at tonight's Gala screening of 'Goodbye Morocco'.


Mon Oct 14 14:00:00 UTC 2013

Director's Special Portrait: Meet Yesim Ustaoglu

Turkish filmmaker Yeşim Ustaoğlu has made her mark internationally with a row of award-winning feature films. We are delighted to present her as one of this year's four main guests at the Films From the South Festival.

Mon Oct 14 07:12:00 UTC 2013

Documentary's Fearless Females

Documentaries are one of our times most valuable, yet neglected, art forms. They’ve become essential to improving our world, our minds and our common future more than ever before. Rather than simply observing, documentaries now hold the possibility of changing the world by asking critical questions and inspiring action in its viewers to make a difference.

Sun Oct 13 08:22:16 UTC 2013

Day 4: For Anime Lovers!

Mangapolis launched at FFS 2012 as a special side programme for anime film lovers. Well received by festival audiences, both the young and the young at heart, the programme is back this year with a broader selection of films from a variety of genres. 

Sat Oct 12 10:51:01 UTC 2013

Day 3: Asia in Focus

Asian films are always strong contenders and a staple here at Films from the South. If you like your films dramatic, your action unique and your storylines bold then you won’t be disappointed with this year’s selection of films from the region.

Fri Oct 11 10:38:37 UTC 2013

Day 2: FFS Special Guests Lucía Puenzo and Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Films from the South are pleased to have Argentine director Lucia Puenzo and Thailand’s very own weaver of dreams Apichatpong  Weerasethakul as honourable guests. 

Thu Oct 10 08:50:07 UTC 2013

100 years of Bollywood, The Unsung Heroines of Algeria, Weerasethakul’s Dreams and more …

Welcome to the 23rd edition of the Films from the South festival!
This year we’ve put together a smashing main programme of prize winning fiction films and thought provoking documentary features for your enjoyment. In our side programme enjoy more Japanese anime courtesy of Mangapolis, even bigger and better than last year’s event. Special focus is also turned on Bollywood’s 100th year as the world’s largest film producing entity, and back again this year with more rousing debate on socially relevant topics is The Critical Room.

Wed Oct 09 13:56:00 UTC 2013

A guide to Films from the South 2013

This year's Films from the South is just around the corner. If you are feeling disoriented after reading this year's massive program, do not despair! Below you will find all the hints and tips to guide you happily through the festival, making sure that this year's Films from the South is an unforgettable experience.

Tue Oct 08 16:01:30 UTC 2013

Nadir Moknèche and the strong women

An unscrupulous female mafia boss, a retired cabaret dancer, her sexually liberated daughter, a prostitute, a singing maid and a former freedom fighter. It is the single mothers and femmes fatales of northern Africa that is brought to life through the films of Franco-Algerian Nadir Moknèche.

Thu Sep 26 17:04:00 UTC 2013

Highlights from the Mangapolis programme

To all lovers of Japanese animation, we are pleased to reveal all seven films in this year's Mangapolis section. An exquisite mixture of romance, action and a geeky passion for aeroplane construction, spread over seven films. These are films that will definitely appeal to both young and old.

Thu Sep 26 14:02:50 UTC 2013

Director's Special Portrait: Meet Nadir Moknèche

Often compared to Pedro Almodovar, Nadir Moknèche is famous for his portraits of strong women. We are proud to have the Franco-Algerian master present at this year's festival!

Tue Sep 24 13:28:00 UTC 2013

Director's Special Portrait: Meet Lucía Puenzo

Four internationally renowned directors are each year given a special focus at the Films From the South Festival.  We are honoured to present Argentine writer and director Lucía Puenzo, and to screen three of her award-winning films at this year's festival.

Tue Sep 24 13:18:40 UTC 2013

New Festival Teaser!

Check out our new festival teaser! We are so excited about all the wonderful films we are bringing you this year. Look for the programme online and in print from September 27th!

Tue Sep 24 11:32:27 UTC 2013

Miyazaki’s latest film to be screened at Films from the South!

Animation legend Hayao Miyazaki recently announced that his latest film, The Wind Rises, will also be the final film of his exceptional career. Even though we would have loved for Miyazaki to continue making films, it is our great pleasure to announce that his final film will also be the final film of this year's Films from the South Festival.

Mon Sep 23 13:52:00 UTC 2013

Director's Special Portrait: Meet Apichatpong Weerasethakul

One of the absolute highlights of this year's Films From the South Festival, is the presence of our guest of honour and 'the master of mystery', Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul. We are proud to annouce that he will receive the Silver Mirror Honorary Award during our festival opening. 

Mon Aug 19 12:44:59 UTC 2013

Take a look at our new profile!

We are proud to present our new festival profile! This year the eye is in focus, and it has more to offer than what you might think at a glance. Here you’ll find both depth and playfulness. Just take a look!

Sat Dec 01 16:05:00 UTC 2012

Prize winners - Films from the South 2012

After 10 fabulous festival days, the winners of Films from the South 2012 have been awarded.

Fri Nov 30 09:01:00 UTC 2012

That’s it, folks!

Will your favourite film win tonight? As we bring to a close another successful year of Films from the South, we welcome friends, guests and festival goers to our closing ceremony and after-party!

Thu Nov 29 10:22:00 UTC 2012

The end is near, but do not despair!

We’re nearing the end of this year’s festival, but there are still plenty of films left to see, events to participate in and people to meet!

Fri Oct 12 13:42:00 UTC 2012

Music unlimited

Nitin Sawhney meets each project as if it was his first and blows away the frames of genre and nationality. We met him during his first time in Oslo.

Thu Oct 11 11:01:00 UTC 2012

Have your say!

Today festival audiences can have their say in a new debate round from Multicool Nord, a new initiative by the Films from the South festival to showcase multicultural Scandinavian filmmakers, and to facilitate continued dialogue across cultural lines.

Wed Oct 10 14:52:00 UTC 2012

Meet Andrés Wood - director of «Violeta Went to Heaven»

«Every movie has to be personal, and I think that even if I would make a movie in another country, it would be a movie about Chile»

Wed Oct 10 06:23:00 UTC 2012

New Week, New Films

Festival audiences have been treated to some pretty awesome films so far. Now as we progress into the final few days of Films from the South there’s even more new and exciting films to look forward to. Be sure to check the festival programme carefully so you don’t miss out!

Mon Oct 08 21:30:00 UTC 2012

At the Half Way Mark

The first half of the Films from the South festival wraps up tonight with re-screenings of many films shown in the previous days.

Mon Oct 08 07:46:00 UTC 2012

South Korea in focus

It's a new week, with new opportunities to see uplifting, interesting, funny and provoking films from the south.

Sun Oct 07 06:32:00 UTC 2012

Take a family outing to the Films from the South Festival

It’s already Day 4 of the Films from the South festival and there’s something on the day’s watch list for both children and adults, even those who are really children at heart.

Fri Oct 05 19:16:00 UTC 2012

Manga lovers rejoice!

Don't miss the official launch of Mangapolis, a new side programme that will become a permanent fixture in future Films from the South festivals. Here’s to getting a taste of the Japanese anime mania without actually having to travel to Japan!

Thu Oct 04 21:13:00 UTC 2012

Zombies in Havana, and controversial political activist from China

Whatever your preference – documentary, manga, fiction film – moviegoers will have much to anticipate on day 2 of the Films from the South Festival.

Thu Oct 04 12:34:00 UTC 2012

Ready for the 22nd Films from the South

The 22nd edition of Films from the South kickstarts tonight with a screening of Pablo Larraìn's  No, the final saga in Pablo Larrain’s portrait on Chile under dictator Pinochet.

Mon Sep 10 15:37:00 UTC 2012

MultiCool Nord – Films from the South puts the spotlight on multicultural Scandinavia

«I believe, like so many other Fremskridtsfolk (“progressive people”), that Our Lord had a
reason for putting penguins on the South Pole, zebras in Africa and the Danish in Denmark.»

Using film as our medium, Films from the South would like to stimulate discussion about
immigration and integration to a common Nordic and European level.

Fri Sep 07 11:11:00 UTC 2012

Hundred years of Japanese film history – Nikkatsu retrospective in October.

In cooperation with the Oslo Cinematheque, this year’s Films From the South Festival will include a celebration of the oldest Japanese film studio; Nikkatsu.

Thu Jun 07 09:02:00 UTC 2012

First highlight from this year's festival

On 11th October, cultural pioneer Nitin Sawhney will visit the Films from the South festival 2012, and will play music to the silent film A Throw of Dice in Oslo Concert Hall. This unique silent film concert has been the “pet project” of managing director Heidi Palm Sandberg for more than a year.

Fri Apr 13 09:04:00 UTC 2012

Volunteer at Films from the South festival 2012?

Films from the South is Oslo's largest film festival, and we continue to grow. Every year we get help from volunteers, some of them veterans and experienced festival audience, others are new additions to a group we could not have been without. The deadline has expired. See you next year!

Mon Feb 20 16:09:00 UTC 2012

Rotterdam Film Festival 2012

This year’s festival season has, inevitably, an aftertaste of the Economic crisis Europe is going through. The central topic in industry circles in Rotterdam were the cutbacks in this year’s festival budget, as well as the risk of severe cutbacks in subsidies to the Hubert Bals Fund supporting film production.

Thu Feb 16 13:08:00 UTC 2012

Palestine in Oslo

The Oslo Palestine Film Festival (OPFF) will be back next year, organised by TrAP and the Palestine Comitee, supported by Films from the South. 

Thu Feb 09 22:11:00 UTC 2012

In Afghanistan

The Nobel Peace Centre exhibition In Afghanistan is open until September 2. Films from the South contributet to the 24-hours long tribute to the country in all its scope.  

Mon Oct 17 11:41:00 UTC 2011

Award winners of Films From the South 2011

The Argentine road movie Las Acacias wins the Silver Mirror. The international FIPRESCI award goes to the Moroccan On the Edge, while the documentary award Doc:South goes to the Egyptian Tahrir 2011: The Good, the Bad & the Politician. Lebanese Where Do We Go Now? wins the audience award.

Thu Oct 13 08:05:00 UTC 2011

Leila Kilani

On the Edge is a hard-hitting and energetic film noir from the Moroccan newcomer Leila Kilani.

Wed Oct 12 09:09:00 UTC 2011

Bid on Peacetu’s colour-rich graffiti work

Films from the South 2011 were auctioning a piece of graffiti by the Norwegian-Brazilian artist PEACETU. Money raised went to the Afghani charity project Skateistan.

Mon Oct 10 12:19:00 UTC 2011


Cassandra Freeman is one of the leading characters in the film Kinyarwanda. The film highlights how a unique show of unity between Christians and Muslims occurred during the Rwandan genocide that left over 900 000 killed.


Mon Oct 10 11:09:00 UTC 2011

Palestinian short film

A Palestinian short film program promote the Oslo Palestine Film Festival taking place at Filmens hus in February. Click here to read an interview with one of the founders of the festival, Jumana, Manna. 

Sun Oct 09 08:55:00 UTC 2011

Kid's Corner

Arietty is a new sparkling animation film from the Japanese Ghibli Studio.

Fri Oct 07 09:09:00 UTC 2011


Film From the South congratulates the three Peace Prize winners! Here are three films from this year’s programme which portray and put in the limelight powerful women evolving in conflict-ridden societies.

Thu Oct 06 10:27:00 UTC 2011

Singaporean magic with Eric Khoo

This weekend there are lots of opportunities to get to know director Eric Khoo. Read Brynjar Bjerkems profile on one of South-East Asia’s foremost film directors, visit an exhibition, watch a panel debate and attend a free film screening.

Wed Oct 05 10:32:00 UTC 2011

Meet the festival guests

During Films From the South you will get the chance to meet with directors, actors, producers and other interesting guests behind the films in the program. Read more about the festival guests here!

Tue Oct 04 07:05:00 UTC 2011

Art, Identity and Politics

Oslo Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, The Norwegian LGBT Association (LLH) and Films From the South invite you to a seminar questioning identity struggles, art and global politics after the screening of Tomer Heymann’s documentary The Queen Has No Crown on Saturday October 8. 

Fri Sep 30 11:58:00 UTC 2011


Starting tomorrow, Films From the South will again fill the cinemas and streets of Oslo with films and festival fun. You are invited to the official opening at 6 pm on Vika cinema.

Fri Sep 30 08:26:00 UTC 2011

Start planning your festival now!

Films From the South’s festival programme is now available online and in print. Start planning your festival now!

Thu Sep 29 08:41:00 UTC 2011

The Tatsumi Exhibition 2011

Films From the South and The Norwegian Film Institute welcome you to the Tatsumi Exhibition 2011 from October 7th – 16th.

Wed Sep 21 19:53:00 UTC 2011

Amos Oz and Korean Poetry - On film!

This year, you can find several films closely linked with literature in the Film fra Sør programme. We have strengthened the ‘Literature and Film’ strand of the programme by moving several screenings to Litteraturhuset in downtown Oslo. There, we invite interesting guests to enrich our film experience through introductions, conversations and discussions.

Tue Sep 20 08:02:00 UTC 2011

A quick guide on how to buy tickets

Festival Cards, Festival Passes, tickets to Opening Ceremony and Gala Screenings now on sale!

Tue Sep 20 07:58:00 UTC 2011

Stateless people, stateless films

What do historical film luminaries such as the Lumière brothers and Godard have to do with Palestinian films? You will get the answer when the Oslo Palestine Film Festival is launched at this year’s Film from the South festival. Palestinian films are, just like Palestinian people, free of state boundaries and borders.


Mon Sep 12 13:58:00 UTC 2011

Fabulous Labaki

Film fra Sør is very proud to present this year’s main guest: Nadine Labaki. The maybe most recognised current Arabic director is coming to Oslo on the 5th October 2011 – and you could meet her.

Mon Sep 12 13:53:00 UTC 2011

Film fra Sør presents Jon Balke and rhythm collective Batagraf, plus guests

Using west-African musical traditions and poetry as a starting point, Batagraf has developed their own language somewhere between world music and art. On Friday 14th October, they play live at Parkteatret as a part of the Film fra Sør festival.

Mon Sep 12 13:48:00 UTC 2011

Kid's Corner - Adventures from all over the world

Films from the South is not only for grown-ups! Last year, we had for the first time a children film programme in cooperation with Barnas Cinematek (the Children Cinematheque), and this year our children programme is twice as big.

Tue Aug 23 14:12:00 UTC 2011

Afghanistan in the classroom

This Autumn, the films Afghan Star and Armadillo enter classrooms in Bodø, Trondheim and Asker. 25 000 pupils from all around Norway will have the chance to better understand Afghanistan – with the help of the touring film programme ‘Film fra Sør Norge Rundt’. As many as four times more pupils than in 2010 can thus get a unique experience of a school day – and a completely new understanding of the situation in Afghanistan.

Tue Aug 16 16:45:00 UTC 2011

Exclusive interview with Afghan activist Malalai Joya

The Film fra Sør Foundation and the Norwegian branch of the United Nations work together on the ‘Film fra Sør Norge Rundt’ project, a film touring programme bringing important films to schools and high schools all over the country. In this regard, the UN’s Stian Bragtvedt conducted an interview with renowned Afghan activist Malalai Joya.

Tue Aug 16 16:39:00 UTC 2011

Women Are Heroes

French artist JR’s visually unique documentary Women Are Heroes is officially part of the Dok:Sør programme for this year’s Film fra Sør festival. The film is a travelogue of urban activist JR’s journey through Africa, Asia and South America. He anonymously and secretly transforms streets, buildings, slums, favelas and whole cities into large art galleries. 

Wed Aug 03 08:30:00 UTC 2011


Tiger Award winner 2011 from Thailand, Eternity, by director Sivaroj Kongsakul is ready for the 21st Films from the South Festival in Oslo. This is a film that potentially could have been supported by SØRFOND, says Artistic Director Lasse Skagen.

Mon Aug 01 13:49:00 UTC 2011

A peek at The Critical Room 2011

Films from the South's debating program The Critical Room will during this year's festival have several focal areas with Brazil and Afghanistan as the most prominent ones. On October 7th it is exactly 10 years since the American invasion of Afghanistan and this fall the retreat starts with full force.

Mon Jul 25 10:58:00 UTC 2011

Films from the South shares the nation's grief

Films from the South shares the nation's grief and sends many warm thoughts to all who are affected by the tragedy in the government quarter and on Utøya.

Sun Jul 03 14:09:00 UTC 2011

This year's Films from the South profile is ready!

 During the last years, Films from the South's designer Eiliv Gunleiksrud from the agency Saatchi & Saatchi has delivered colourful profiles for the festival and its audience. Now he is ready with this year's design.

Sun Jul 03 14:06:00 UTC 2011

Hard Labor from Brazil ready for New Horizons

This years favourite from the prestigious Un Certain Regard programme in Cannes is ready for the Films from the South festival.

Wed May 18 10:36:00 UTC 2011

Lucrecia Martel, a Voice in Contemporary Argentinian Cinema

Lucrecia Martel is one of South-Americas most promising directors. Pedro Almodovar made her his protegè, and has been producing her work over the last decade. 

Mon May 09 07:42:00 UTC 2011

Brilliant Arabian filmdays

The festival Arabian Filmdays is over, with high audience numbers, great movies, interesting guests and a wonderful party.

Fri Mar 18 11:37:00 UTC 2011

Arabian filmdays

Films from the South in cooperation with Babel Filmsociety and The Norwegian Filminstitute invited you to a two-day festival dedicated exclusively to Arab films, at Cinemateket Saturday 30th of April and Sunday 1st of May 2011. A great festival sucsess. Arabian Filmdays.

Wed Mar 16 14:40:00 UTC 2011


Warm thoughts to the Japanese people, Hirokazu Koreeda who attended the festival in 2009 and all our other friends in the country!

Fri Feb 25 09:50:00 UTC 2011

Some words from visting this year’s Rotterdam film festival

Films from the South's Brynjar Bjerkem reports from the Rotterdam Film Festival

Mon Jan 17 22:12:00 UTC 2011

7th Dubai International Film Festival

Read our report from the 7th Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), 12. - 19. december 2010

Wed Dec 22 18:02:00 UTC 2010

The Oslo Films From the South Festival urges The Berlinale to take lead in a world wide filmfestival campaign to support the release of Iranian Director Jafar Panah

”The Iranian regime ”chops of hands and stiches” Jafar Panahis mouth”, says Artistic Director Lasse Skagen at the Oslo Films from the South festival (oct 6-16,2011). 

Tue Nov 02 13:14:00 UTC 2010


2010 archive: Im Sang-soo`s The Housemaid won the Silver Mirror Award at the 2010 edition of the festival. Read more.

Mon Oct 11 12:22:00 UTC 2010

A fantastic start 2010 festival

2010 archive: This year’s festival opened on Wednesday with the Arthaus film Women Without Men.

Fri Oct 08 09:55:00 UTC 2010

Exhibition launch at Filmens Hus

2010 archive: Films from the South, the Norwegian Film Institute and the World Cinema Foundation would like to welcome you to an exhibition opening on the 2nd floor of Filmens Hus Friday October 8th.