and the winners are...

We proudly present this year's winners of The Silver Mirror Award, The Silver Mirror Honorary Award, The Doc:South Award and The Audience Award. 

Av 17. okt 2015


From the body of films that the jury was given the task to consider – 18 titles in total – one especially stood out.

Fully relying on its strong cinematography and remarkable performances by an unprofessional cast, the film creates an immersive sensory experience that makes us part of a small community that exists slightly out of time, out of sight, and out of mind.

The jury is impressed by how the director offers an unpretentious, measued and intimate perspective on a universal subject – organizing the film's narrative around ancient traditions, beliefs and rituals, while stearing clear of excoticism. 

In a festival program that includes many renowned and highly esteemed filmmakers, the jury is very pleased to award its prize to an exceptional work by a first-time filmmaker.

And the winner is IXCANUL by Jayro Bustamante.

Films From the South will donate 50.000 NOK to the Norwegian distributer who wants to buy the film for cinema distribution.



Watching so many excellent films, from artists struggles in India and Mali to a love story set in South Korea, it has been a great reminder for us of the value of watching documentaries in the cinema.

Two films stands out, both visually stunning and deserves to be watched on the big screen.

A Special Mention goes to THE PEARL BUTTON by Patricio Guzman for impressive storytelling and cinematography. We hope many of you will take the opportunity to go see it when it premieres in Norwegian cinemas.

The winner is a visually and emotionally striking film that takes the viewer on a dark journey. This film has a sense of urgency and a relevance that may best be described as painful. A very accomplished and unconventional film, overwhelming in its narrative on the refugee crisis in Europe.


Films From the South will give 10.000 NOK to the Norwegian distributer who wants to release the film on DVD in Norway.



This years Silver Mirror Honorary Award goes to a director that through great excellence in the field of filmmaking – generously have shared his ideas, his craftmanship and his unique ability to tackle difficult issues with compassion, sensitivity and the rare quality of humour that he has shown in all his films.

Celebrated and honoured all over the world for his works, from his breakthrough in 1998 with La Vie sur Terre (Life on Earth) to his latest masterpiece Timbuktu, we humbly cue in line to bow for his remarkable contribution to the art of filmmaking.

The 2015 Silver Mirror Honorary Award goes to Abderrahmane Sissako.




The Audience Award is given to Dheepan by Jacques Audiard. The film is distributed by Tour de Force and will be on Norwegian cinemas in November 2015.

Tour de Force will receive marketing support valued 65 000,- Donated by Filmmagasinet, Cinema and Dagsavisen


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Jury members: 

The Silver Mirror Award:
Einar Aarvig, Geir Kamsvåg, Maria Fosheim Lund

The Doc:South Award:
Anita Svingen, Brynjar Bjerkem, Karen Winther