And the winners are ...

We proudly present this year's winners of The Silver Mirror Award, The Silver Mirror Honorary Award, The Doc:South Award and The Audience Award.

Av 15. okt 2016

Silver Mirror Award

This year’s winner has impressed the jury with its nuances and redeeming qualities when it comes to a character who has yet to understand that you have to grow up before you grow old. The story is told impressively low key and moves its audience with minute details of every day life.

It is a story about a man who's dwelling in his seemingly glorious past, his five minutes of fame, afraid of creating new experience to alter his identity. Circumstance brings characters together as bad weather collects in the horizon in more ways than one. And surprisingly it's not necessarily a bad idea to look for both redemption and shelter from the storm inside an octopus.

This year Silver Mirror Award goes to a film that reminds us that being a failure is painful even if you deserve the pain, and reconciliation can grow out of unexpected situations.

This years Silver Mirror Award goes to one of world cinemas great directors, Hirokazu Koreeda and After the Storm.

Films From the South will donate 35.000 NOK to the Norwegian distributor Another World Ent. Norway for the cinematic distribution in Norway.

Special Mentions
Special mention goes to two wonderfully polyphonic stories in the competition program, both complex in style and tone, namely A Dragon Arrives and Endless Poetry.

Jury members Silver Mirror Award:
Jon Inge Faldalen, Ida Madsen Hestman, Øyvor Dalen



This year´s price for best documentary goes to a film that gives us insight in two different realities. It is masterly directed in a calm, abstract and unsentimental way, and depicts a huge human disaster and the everyday challenges of a small community, without weighing one human challenge before the other. This challenging film does not take a stand, but leaves it to the audience to relate to what plays out before the camera. A human struggle between the strong forces of nature, and a world of conflict, is depicted with a everyday poetry where the camera, like the doctor on the little island, relates to life and death with the same temperate calm.

The Dok:South price goes to FIRE AT SEA, directed by GIANFRANCO ROSI

The film is distributed by Arthaus and has cinematic distribution in Norway. A gift of 10 000 NOK donated by Film From the South will be given to director Gianfranco Rosi.

Honorable mention
Honorable mention goes to a film about a person impossible not to love. A protagonist with a big dream and a strong will, who makes clear choices, and stands by them – in spite of increasing resistance from family, traditions and law, both in the country where she lives, and the country she left behind. It is a highly engaging, riveting and well crafted story, that with its almost Hollywood-like dramaturgy tells a story that goes beyond its charismatic and brave main character. This film also discusses whether a filmmaker should interfere, to help the people they are making a film about.

Honorable mention goes to SONITA, directed by ROKHSAREH GHAEMMAGHMI

Jury members Doc:South:
Alexander Huser, KriStine Ann Slaret, Therese Naustdal


The Silver Mirror Honorary Award

We are very happy to announce that The Silver Mirror Honorary Award 2016, goes to a director that through great excellence in the field of filmmaking – generously have shared his ideas, his craftsmanship and his unique ability to present difficult issues with a clear view, and with  compassion and sensitivity. This outstanding director brings stories to life on the big screen, told with true affection – carving out the individual as well as the larger community with true dignity. Depicting the individual, often burdened by the hard choices of morality – this storyteller have showed a way to reconsiliate in times of challenge and trouble.

Celebrated and honoured all over the world for his works, from his first feature film Bye Bye Africa, made in 1994, to his latest documentary on the Chadian tragedy - in a troublesome period in his country between 1982 and 1990, we humbly cue in line to bow for his remarkable contribution to the art of filmmaking. The Silver Mirror Honorary Award 2016 goes to Mahamat Saleh-Haroun.

Photo: Johnny Vaet Nordskog 

Audience Award:

My Neighbor Totoro, Hayao Miyazaki

Norwegian Distributor Arthaus will receive a marketing package sponsored by Cinema and Dagsavisen.