Gabriel Mascaro to guest Films from the South

A sharp eye for the lives of human beings.

Av 19. sep 2016

It's a great pleasure to welcome Gabriel Mascaro as one of our main guests this year. Mascaro will be part of our Director's Special Portrait programme. The audience will have the opportunity to meet the director in conjuction with the screenings of his latest feature Neon Bull at Filmen Hus on the 11th of October, when Mascaro will be interviewd on-stage by Karsten Meinich from online film magazine Montages.

The Brazilian director Gabriel Mascaro (born 1983) is part of a new and exciting wave of young Latin-American filmmakers who, in the last couple of years, have really made their mark on the international film festival scene. After the world premiere of Neon Bull in Venice last year, Mascaro got his international breakthrough, showing with his evocative second feature film that he is willing to design and explore his own form of visual storytelling, with several innovations.

Before Neon Bull, the young director mainly made documentaries and art films. Mascaro debuted as co-director of the 2008 documentary KFZ-1348, a film that, through tracking down the many previous owners of a Volkswagen Beetle, provides a unique perspective on Brazilian society. With a basis in his hometown of Recife, Mascaro has through several of his films sought to create a relief of his home country and modern Brazil in general.

Mascaro was invited to show his film Housemaids at the 2012 International Film Festival in Rotterdam. Housemaids is a documentary based on a handful of home-videos in which different middle-class teenagers videotape their maids. It worked as a thematic follow-up to an earlier film of his, High Rise, where Mascaro’s observing and sensitive lens captured the lives of tenants in luxurious high-rise buildings.

In both of his two feature films August Winds (2014) and Neon Bull (2015) Mascaro succeeds in exploiting his own aesthetic combined with a sensible eye for documentary-filmmaking. While daring to throw in a few staged scenarios with an expert hand, he continues to grow as a director.

Gabriel Mascaro’s films are carried by a warm sensuality, and a sharp eye for the lives of human beings and how they relate to their surroundings. The world of Gabriel Mascaro brings us closer to some fascinating and vulnerable people. His films show us a contemporary Brazil from the inside, far away from tourist brochures and the Copacabana.

Gabriel Mascaro (born 1983) is considered to be one of the frontrunners of the new wave of young filmmakers from Latin America. At the age of 33 he has already made several award-winning movies, among them documentaries like KFZ-1348 (2008), High-Rise (2009) and Housemaids (2012), and feature films August Winds (2014) and Neon Bull (2015)


Neon Bull (Boi neon, 2015)

August Winds (Ventos de Agosto, 2014)

Housemaids (Doméstica, documentary, 2012)

High-Rise (Um Lugar ao Sol, documentary, 2009)



Film: Neon Bull

Time: October 11 at 8.00 p.m.

Location: Filmens Hus - Tancred

In conjunction with this screening, there will be a conversation between director Gabriel Mascaro and online magazine Montages.

Read our review of Neon Bull. Tickets will be available on the 23rd of September, when we'll release the complete festival programme.