Guide to Films From The South 2016

Overwhelmed by all of the possibilities offered? Don't worry, here's a neat little guide to this year's Films from the South!

Av 2. okt 2016

Overwhelmed by all of the possibilities offered? Don't worry, here's a neat little guide to this year's Films from the South!

Autumn has come, and everything is once again terrible... But don’t fret! Films from the South is back in force with a rich and varied programme, and would like to welcome you all into the cinema warmth between October 6th and 16th! This year's programme, consisting of 81 amazing movies, is sure to please!



Utilizing the so-called internet, planning out your festival experience has never been easier. Check out our programme and select the films you’d like to see. You can arrange them by date of screening, genre or venue. Almost all of the films have several screenings, so if you don’t have the time to go on a certain day, or if you have gone, but can’t remember: No worries!

Please login with your Facebook or Twitter user. Once that's done, you should see your name as a separate tab at the right top. Now you can enter the programme and choose the film you want to add. Put mouse cursor right next to the selected screening and press. A yellow star emerges and the screening is now added to your personal programme! If you want to remove a screening, simply press the star anew, and it disappears. (This is to create your personal programme only. For ticket purchase, plase press the "Kjøp" ("Buy") link). You can check on your personal programme at any time during the process and make adjustments. Please share your programme in social media, as an inspiration for your friends. Maybe you guys bump into eachother at the cinema? That'd be nice, right?

Press "DEL PROGRAMMET DITT" ("SHARE YOUR PROGRAMME") when you're done. You can either copy the link or share directly to Facebook.


The Films from the South’s app is the easiest way to make your individual plan for the festival. Once you've downloaded the app (available for both iOS & Android), you can search for movies and browse the entire program or individual sections. You can also use the app to express your opinion on the movies, see what others think and get important messages from the festival directly to your mobile phone.



This year you can also order tickets online with the Full Festival Ticket. This is how you do it:

1.     Choose screening
2.     Choose ticket category «FFS festivalpass» and amout of ticket «1» (it is not possible to choose more than 1 ticket
3.     Enter the code in the bottom of your Full Festival Ticket
4.     Enter phone number, name and e-mail
5.     Complete the transaction

You will recieve a text message with a confirmation link. Show this together with you Full Festival Ticket when entering the screening room. 


The punch card consists of five clips and can be used on any films during the festival. Tickets must be picked up at the ticket booth before the screening, and can not be reserved online. The punch card is personal and has to have a readable signature.


Movies are a lot like sports teams, political parties and kids – some are more popular than others. With this in mind we urge you to reserve tickets in good time, thus avoiding the risk of showing up to a full cinema. Our screenings operate with unnumbered seating, so if you have a big crew coming along, we recommend showing up early. Even if you have a festival ticket, you still have to reserve seating for the films you'd like to see. More info on tickets can be found right here.

NB: The screenings will start precisely on time.


Partake in the vote and kill two birds with one stone: Prizes for both yourself and your favorite movie!

For this year's Films from the South Don't Call me SonFire at SeaHedi, The Handmaiden, My Neighbor Totoro, Neon Bull and The Untamed will compete for the audience award. These are films that will appear on other Norwegian cinema at a later point. Vote for your favorite and enter the lottery for a Pelago Bicycle from Dapper! The movie with the most votes will receive a promoting package worth 40 000 NOK, sponsored by the daily newspaper Dagsavisen and movie magazine Cinema.

You can vote HERE (click on the films and add a star rating on the bottom right). You will also be handed ballots at theatre entrances. Votes must be cast before 9 pm, October 14th.


Film is a social thing. And film festivals even more so. Are you excited about a certain film on our programme? Spread the good word to family, acquaintances, friends and mortal enemies so that more people get the chance to see the movie, and be part of the great Films from the South-experience.

Social media is where it's at, they're telling us. Share exciting films and news from the festival using the hashtag #filmfrasor, so that more people get the opportunity to partake in this year's awesome festival. The best thing about going to the movies is the candy. The second-best is sharing great films with fellow film lovers.


While movies should always be your top priority, try not to forget to eat and drink. By showing your Full Festival Ticket or Punchcard at selected restaurants and events, you prove that you are an ultimate movie buff and will be rewarded with:

  • 25 % discount on food and alcohol free drinks at Posthallen Restaurant at Prinsens gate 8.
  • 20 % discount on food and alcohol free drinks at Rent Mel at Prinsens gate 6a.
  • 20 % discount at sandwich and coffee at MESH at Tordenskiolds gate 3.
  • Check out all offers and discounts HERE.


Chan-wook Park's latest film kicks off this year's festival

Opening this year’s festivities is the long-awaited, erotic thriller The Handmaiden by none other than Korean director Chan-wook Park. Park is the man behind the iconic Oldboy (2003), a film regarded not only by us as one the definitive cinematic masterpieces on this side of Y2K. The Handmaiden is perhaps Chan-wook Park’s most accessible work to date. Like in his previous work, vengeance plays a big part in The Handmaiden, but this time the characteristic violence and horror is exchanged for love, lust and fierce suspence.

Mangapolis EpiCon

For all the otakus, weeaboos and shinnichis out there, there’s an awful lot to look forward to at this year’s instalment of Mangapolis Epicon. Check out our full guide HERE.

Meet international greats

This years festival is not only filled to it's breaking point with exciting movies, but also with exciting people! This year we’ve invited leading international directors, producers, musicians and presenters. Check out the full guest list HERE.

This year's main guests are Amat Escalante, Hirozaku KoreedaGabriel Mascaro and Mahamat-Saleh Haroun. These four directors form our Director's Special Portrait section (click the links for info on festival screenings as well as when and where you can meet the directors).

(After the Storm, trailer) 

We've also given Hirokazu Koreeda, director of the masterpiece Like Father, Like Son (2013), the honors of closing out this year's festival with his latest film After the Storm. Before screening of the closing film on saturday October 15th, Koreeda will be presented on stage. The day before that, at 8 pm, there will be a conversation between Koreeda and the online movie magazine Montages, in conjunction with the screening of another Koreeda-film After Life (1998). Even if you’ve climbed Mount Everest and swam with dolphins, this is sure to be an experience you simply can’t afford to miss.

Homage to Abbas Kiarostami

We're dedicating a full section to the Iranian master director, who sadly passed away earlier this year. You'll get the opportunity to check out five of his best films. Info HERE.

Special Screenings and The Critical Room

Films from the South is more than films from the south, so be on the lookout for special panels, happenings and events at this year's festival. Our four Special Screenings and the films and panel conversations in The Critical Room are not to be missed!


Reach us through e-mail, telephone 22 82 24 82 or on Facebook or Twitter. And, once again, please remember to download the shiny, new Films from the South app.

You can also ask one of our many volunteers, easily spotted in their cool red t-shirts, and whose sole existence is based on helping you throughout the festival. As a matter of fact, volunteers wrote the guide you’re reading at this very moment. We live to serve!

We wish you all a fantastic festival!