The Art of Fiction

Orhan Pamuk, Turkish Nobel Prize winner in Literature, will be presenting a unique project he worked with as both author and artist, a collaboration between Films from the South and The Global Art Project. Literature, art and documentary film are the central ingredients when the world-famous author pays Oslo a visit from May 22nd to 25th.


Av 3. mai 2017

Orhan Pamuk, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2006, is one of Turkey’s most popular authors and well-known for novels like The White Castle, The Black Book and My Name is Red. With more than 13 million sold copies and translated into more than 60 languages, Pamuk is Turkey’s best-selling author. In addition to his authorship, Pamuk holds a professorship at the Columbia University of New York where he teaches writing and comparative literature.

The Art of Fiction is taking us on a unique journey through Orhan Pamuk’s oeuvre, with a special focus on his critically acclaimed novel The Museum of Innocence. In 2012, Pamuk established a museum in one of Istanbul’s backstreets, exhibiting objects from the fictional love story between the elderly businessman Kemal and his young lover Füsun. This inimitable museum was awarded with the 2014 European Museum of the Year Award. Fascinated by the exciting connection between the novel’s fictional universe and the foundation of a museum displaying the novel’s artefacts, British director Grant Gee created the documentary Innocence of Memories in collaboration with Pamuk himself. The documentary premiered at the 72nd edition of the Venice Film Festival in 2015 and portrays the special, intense and seductive atmosphere Pamuk tried to create in both his novel and in the museum.

The documentary will be launched for the Norwegian audience at Vika Kino on May 23rd. Screening times are 5.30pm and 8.00pm.

Following the 8.00pm screening, you will have the opportunity to witness Orhan Pamuk and Grant Gee in an Artist Talk, hosted by Jørgen Lorentzen. Following the 5.30pm screening, director Grant Gee invites us to a Q&A.

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About Innocence of Memories

Director: Grant Gee, 2015, UK, 97min, English without subtitles

This hypnotic film revolves around the Turkish winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Orhan Pamuk and his seductive masterpiece The Museum of Innocence from 2008. The story about the obsessive love affair between businessman Kemal and his much younger lover Füsun is told by Kemal after Füsun dies in a car accident. Kemal’s love for Füsun is pure obsession, and whenever he can’t be near her for different kinds of reasons, he starts collecting objects reminding him of her. Based on his fiction, Pamuk created something real and definite: The Museum of Innocence (public opening in 2012) – a museum displaying all the objects, Kemal collects in the novel.

Grant Gee’s alluring and contemplative documentary takes us on a journey through Pamuk’s mystical world between fiction and reality; Gee shows us the Bosporus, Istanbul’s narrow backstreets, a collection of cigarette butts with traces of Füsuns lipstick, TV-screens in telephone booths, where Pamuk was giving interviews about the book and the museum; we hear Kemal’s and Füsum’s voices talking about passion, eroticism, undulating feelings, betrayal, grief and distance.

The core of this project was an exhibition curated by Selene Wendt. The exhibition comprises 29 showcases from The Museum of Innocence in Istanbul. Every showcase displays carefully arranged objects, referring directly to certain chapters in the novel The Museum of Innocence, and is supplemented with historical video clips, family portraits, sound components and an interactive video presentation of Orhan Pamuk’s notebooks, full of texts and watercolors. The exhibition can be visited at the Museum of Cultural History (Kulturhistorisk museum) from May 22nd to Oct. 15th 2017.

On the opening day, 22nd of May, Orhan Pamuk will be talking with Selene Wendt about the project at the Museum of Cultural History.

Furthermore, Orhan Pamuk will be visiting Litteraturhuset on May 24th, where he will be talking with Helge Jordheim, professor of Cultural History and Museology at the University of Oslo. Find further information about the event and tickets here.