Full festival tickets, punch cards and select tickets for sale

Whoopee! Full Festival Tickets and Punch Cards are for sale! Tickets to the full program will be for sale from October 27, but we’re so excited to kick off this year’s festival that we’re already putting tickets to a few screening up for sale now!

Av 23. okt 2017

Tickets to some of our most sought-after screenings, including the opening and closing films, are finally out for sale. Screenings are often sold out at the festival, so get your tickets in good time!

The remaining titles will be released on October 26 and it’s wise to plan ahead. Stop by our program launch on the very same day at Vika cinema and get your hands on the program hot off the press. Tickets to all screenings will be for sale the following day, October 27.

You can already get the Full Festival Tickets and Punch Cards in Vika, Saga, Klingenberg and Cinemateket. A valid student ID must be presented if you’re purchasing the Full Festival Ticket with a student discount.

More info about tickets and cinemas can be found here. 

Read more about each film by clicking the titles and buy tickets to select screenings today.

This year’s opening film: A Fantastic Woman 

In this year’s opening film Chilean director Sebastian Lelio introduces viewers to Marina and the intense hate she faces for being a trans-person. The story is a painful reminder of how difficult it can be to live out your gender identity, as well as bidding farewell to the person you love. A Fantastic Woman won the Silver Bear for best script during this year’s film festival in Berlin.  

Buy tickets to the opening film A Fantastic Woman here. 

This year’s closing film: The Age of Shadows 

Kim Jee-woon is one of South Koreas most prominent directors. In this masterfully composed spy thriller he brings us back to the 1920s and a Korea under Japanese occupation. The Korean independence movement is planning to blow up Japanese headquarters and is aided by Hungarian anarchists in smuggling dynamite to the desired target.

Buy tickets to the closing film The Age of Shadows here. 

Lipstick Under My Burkha  

One of the films we started receiving requests for early on was the Indian comedy-drama Lipstick Under My Burkha. The film portrays four Indian women who all struggle to find their identity and break free from traditional expectations within Indian society. The women’s very own dreams and fantasies take center stage in this thought provoking, funny and important film.

Buy tickets to the screening at 3.30 pm on Nov. 12 here. 

Exclusive screening of Tokyo Vampire Hotel in Jakob Cultural Church

Join us for an unforgettable night in Jakob Cultural Church as we show the Japanese horror flick Tokyo Vampire Hotel and legendary noise-rock band Deathcrush shows up to DJ.

The mood is set for a night of thrills and chills in the church hall, so put on your fangs and get ready for a blood-curdling visit to the vampire hotel on Thursday, Nov. 16. The doors open at 6 p.m. and the screening starts at seven. Tickets can be bought here and at the door. If you have a Punch Card or a Full Festival Ticket, make sure to reserve your ticket through the ticket link. Tickets may sell out – meet up early to secure a spot.

Read more about the event on Facebook here (ONLY IN NORWEGIAN)