Horror in the church: TOKYO VAMPIRE HOTEL

Join us for an unforgettable evening in Kulturkirken Jakob as we show the Japanese horror flick Tokyo Vampire Hotel and captivating noise-rock band Deathcrush turns up to DJ.

Av 23. okt 2017

Kulturkirken Jakob is being transformed into cinema for the night when we show a Japanese vampire-horror from this year's program. Somewhat legendary noise-rock band Deathcrush are there to DJ before and after the screening and the bar is open and ripe with refreshments.

The mood is set for a night of chills and thrills in the church hall, so put on your fangs and get ready for a blood-curdling visit to the vampire hotel on Thursday, Nov. 16. The doors open at 6 p.m. and the screening starts at 7 p.m.

Tickets can be bought here and at the door. If you have a punch card or full festival ticket, make sure you reserve your ticket through the ticket link. Full festival tickets/punch cards must be shown when entering the church. Tickets may sell out – meet up early to secure a spot.

Practical Info
Unnumbered seating
The bar is open from 6 p.m.

Minimum age limit: 18 years
Minors may attend if accompanied by a guardian. A form must be signed by the guardian upon entering the church.

About Deathcrush
Deathcrush is best known as an energetic live band that plays gritty noise rock with eclectic references. Why not mix euro dance and black metal? This time around, they’ll be opening and closing the night spinning discs of the alternative kind. Expect an occult atmosphere tinged by pop culture expressions. The music will be an ouroboros with Tokyo Vampire Hotel at its center.

Listen to some samples from Deathcrush here.

About the film
During violent clashes in the neon-coloured streets of Tokyo, young Manami is abducted by what turns out to be a gang of blood-craving, gun-slinging vampires. She is brought to a picturesque hotel in which a large group of people are held hostage, shocked to learn that the world outside the confines of their hotel is now being blown to pieces. The prisoners are then ordered to either mate or die, as they are going to be food supply for the vampires in the years to come. Meanwhile, a conflict is building between the vampire clan at the Tokyo hotel and a rivalling clan based in Romania, and it turns out that Manami will play a crucial role in this conflict.

Read more about the film here.