And the winners are....

We are proud to present this year’s winners of The Silver Mirror, Doc:South and the Audience Awards.

Av 18. nov 2017


The Silver Mirror, the main prize of the Films from the South festival, is awarded to the best of 14 films in the main competition.

The jury’s statement:
The winner is an intimate portrait of a drifter and a worker. Certainly a character we all meet in our daily lives. In our comings and goings. Whether we are here in Oslo or in Minas Gerais, Brasil.

The film is epic, spanning a lifetime, visceral and unpretentious begging us to consider the cost on the human body of hard physical labour as well as the laughter and joy of life, friendships, music and elusive love.

Steadily growing into a fusion of the particular—the worker, the human being Christiano—with the political—how should we work and live? And begging us to consider the life of a simple worker in all its complexity. Inbued with dignity and respect for the experience of living.

The winner of The Silver Mirror 2017 is Araby directed João Dumans, Affonso Uchoa.

Films from the South awards 35.000 NOK to the Norwegian distributor releasing the film in Norway. The award will be used for the release of the film in cinemas.

Honourable mention: 
The honourable mention goes to a queer, camp fable. An artful, colourful piece of genre cinema that never ceased to entertain and surprise us. Through subverting genre tropes and audience expectations the film reflects on gender, sexuality, and the socio-political reality of contemporary life in Brazil.

The honourable mention goes to Good Manners directed by Marco Dutra and Juliana Rojas.

The members of the jury were:
Vanja Ødegård, festival leader of Oslo/Fusion International Film festival
Kaveh Tehrani, Norwegian-Iranian filmmaker  
Marte Vold, Norwegian cinematographer and director


The Films from the South festival’s documentary award, Doc:South, is awarded to the best of ten film in the documentary competition.

The jury’s statement:
This years winner is a film that through intimate moments and inspiring activism reveals decades of persistence, spirit, pain, and hope. It follows three women whom have lived and fought for over 60 years, and through empathy and respect the Director portrays the complexities of shame and trauma in a masterful way. The story of these «comfort women» - forced in to sex slavery by Japanese soldiers during World War II - is not widely known. Today the survivors are over 90 years old. Their stories are varied, yet come together across borders in their shared burdens, and touched us deeply as we were allowed to share their intimate interactions, revelations and struggle for recognition. After all this time, all they ask for is an Apology – a small gesture that can have a huge impact. As one of the main characters – Gil, states; although the scars don’t disappear, the heart can heal.

The winner of Doc:South Award 2017 is The Apology by Tiffany Hsiung.

Hsiung will be awarded a prize of 10.000 NOK, donated by the Films from the South foundation

Honourable mention: 
We would like to award an honorable mention to a wonderful gem of a film - which portrays a reality that may seem distant from our own - but at the same time deeply reflects upon our shared human experience. The film touches on some of life’s most fundamental desires - the need for love, independence and respect - and it does so with great empathy, attentiveness and through masterful storytelling.

The honorable mention goes to The Grown Ups by Maite Alberdi.

The members of the jury were:
Mette ChengMunthe-Kaas, producer and editor who works with independent films.
Ellen Ugelstad, filmmaker.
Bendik Mandal, director with a specialization in documentaries.


Every year, the audience of the festival can vote for their favourite film for the Audience Award. The audience can choose between the films in the program that already have distribution in Norwegian cinemas. 

The winner of the Audience Award 2017 is In the Fade directed by Fatih Akin.

The film is distributed by Arthaus and the distribution company will receive a launch package of 40.000 NOK sponsored by Cinema and Dagsavisen. In the Fade will premiere in Norway in February 2018.

Everyone who voted for the Audience Award is in the running to win a bike from Dapper. The winner will be contacted by e-mail or by phone.