It’s finally here! The main event of the season, scratch that, the event of the year! Films From the South is coming back on 9 November, and here’s our guide to make sure you get the most out of the festival as possible!

Av 7. nov 2017

This year marks 27 years of Films From the South, and this year’s programme is just as chock full of fantastic films as always. Experience a plethora of films from over 30 different countries, divided over 11 days. This year, the festival Gods have decided to move the festival from haunting October to cozy November, more specifically from 9 – 19 November, giving movie lovers plenty of time to absorb the all the good stuff.

Films From the South is a festival celebrating high quality films from Asia, South America and Africa. In addition to all the films, there will be meetings with directors, food-themed screenings, parties, shows for kids and lectures/debates with central and exciting voices of the film world.

Plan your festival
Utilizing the so-called Internet, planning out your festival experience has never been easier. Check out our programme and select the films you’d like to see. You can arrange them by date of screening, genre or venue. Almost all of the films have several screenings, so if you don’t have the time to go on a certain day, or if you have gone, but can’t remember: No worries!

Please login with your Facebook or Twitter user. Once that's done, you should see your name as a separate tab at the right top. Now you can enter the programme and choose the film you want to add. Put mouse cursor right next to the selected screening and press. A yellow star emerges and the screening is now added to your personal programme! If you want to remove a screening, simply press the star anew, and it disappears. (This is to create your personal programme only. For ticket purchase, plase press the "Kjøp" ("Buy") link). You can check on your personal programme at any time during the process and make adjustments. Please share your programme in social media, as an inspiration for your friends. Maybe you guys bump into eachother at the cinema? That'd be nice, right?

Press "DEL PROGRAMMET DITT" ("SHARE YOUR PROGRAMME") when you're done. You can either copy the link or share directly to Facebook.

You can also order tickets online with the Full Festival Ticket. This is how you do it:

1.     Choose screening
2.     Choose ticket category «FFS festivalpass» and amount of ticket «1» (it is not possible to choose more than 1 ticket
3.     Enter the code in the bottom of your Full Festival Ticket
4.     Enter phone number, name and e-mail
5.     Complete the transaction

You will recieve a text message with a confirmation link. Show this together with you Full Festival Ticket when entering the screening room.

Also: Remember to reserve your tickets in good time. Some films are more popular than others, and there are no numbered seats!

For more information on tickets, click here.

The Audience Award
Remember to cast your vote for the Audience Award! This year, it’s between these films:

A Man of Integrity, A Fantastic Woman, In the Fade, Neruda, The Third Murder and The Wound.

The winner receives 40.000 Norwegian kroner, which goes toward promotional funding for the winning film. Cast your vote before 9.00 pm on Friday 17 November

Cheap eating
Like food? And drinks? Of course you do, you’re human! Check out these special offers available for those who hold a festival pass or a punch card:

- 20% off food, coffee and non-alcoholic drinks at Lett Klingenberg
- Xích Lô: 15% off on take-away and non-alcoholic drinks at the Vika restaurant, 15% off food and non-alcoholic drinks at the Eger restaurant.
- 15% off food and non-alcoholic drinks at Sushi Asia at Fridtjof Nansens Plass.
- 20% off food, coffee and non-alcoholic drinks at Norð Klingenberg
- 20% off food, coffee and non-alcoholic drinks at Filmkaféen at Filmens Hus
- 20% off food, coffee and non-alcoholic drinks at Rent Mel at Prinsens Gate
- 20% off coffee and og sandwiches at Mesh in Tordenskiolds gate

Some highlights
It’s hard to find just a few highlights on this year’s programme, out of 82 quality films. But we’ll try anyway:

Getting the opening spot at the Films From the South is quite a feat to be proud of. Earlier opening films include Taxi Teheran and After The Storm, and this year A Fantastic Woman takes it. A Fantastic Woman is a film by Sebastián Leilo about a trans woman refusing to take the abuse that’s thrown her way by the family of her recently diseased boyfriend.

Don’t forget the opening party at MESH on Thursday 9 November, after the screening of A Fantastic Woman. The party is free of charge to enter, but keep your ticket stub, it serves as your ticket.

There’s something for the kids this year as well! Visit the great world of pandas and Ronja, The Robber’s Daughter and much more in the Kids’ Corner section of the festival.

If you’re a fan of documentaries, check out DOC:SOUTH, our section dedicated to, you guessed it, documentaries. We’ll be showing impressive films about humanitarian disasters, psychotic cannibals, a weird old folks’ home, and much more!

Or maybe you prefer action films and thrillers! If so, Thrills & Chills is your safe bet for the festival. These are movies that leave Hollywood in the dust!

No festival is complete without a closing film. This time it’s the impressive spy thriller The Age of Shadows by South Korean mastermind Kim Jee-woon. The Age of Shadows introduces us to 1920s Korea, occupied by Japanese forces. Korean Police chief Lee-jung Chool is working for the Japanese to keep a Korean resistance group at bay, but the deeper he digs, the less sure he is about whom he really should be working for.

And of course there’s a closing party! This time at Vika movie theatre. Join us in closing out Norway’s greatest film festival the right way.

Reach us through e-mail, telephone (+47) 92 32 96 56 or on Facebook or Twitter.

You can also ask one of our many volunteers, easily spotted in their cool red t-shirts, and whose sole existence is based on helping you throughout the festival. As a matter of fact, volunteers wrote the guide you’re reading at this very moment. We live to serve!

We wish you all a fantastic festival!