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Fly with the Crane

Original title: Fly with the Crane

A beautiful and spiritual tale about an old man’s wish for a dignified death. 73-year-old Ma has made and painted coffins his whole life. But ever since the Chinese authorities made cremation mandatory, Ma has mostly passed his days in the company of his grandchildren. Ma is convinced that a proper burial is the only way for his soul to get to heaven, and the thought of cremation makes him deeply uneasy. To realize his wish for a traditional burial, he and his grandchildren come up with a plan. Fly with the Crane addresses the contrasts between tradition and modernization in China today. Director Li Ruijun presents Ma’s story with warmth and charm. wg

Li Ruijun (b. 1983) comes from the Gansu province of China. After starting his career in television, he released his first feature The Summer Solstice in 2007, followed by The Old Donkey (2010). Fly with the Crane is based on the novel Tell them I’ve Gone With the White Crane by the Chinese author Su Tong.


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China 2012 Director Rui Jun LI Writer Rui Jun LI Cinematographer Jin YANG Cast Chun Ma XING, Long TANG, Siyi TANG Producer Na YANG, Xiaoping SHEN Production company PAD International Sales PAD International Language Mandarin Subtitles English Runtime 99 min Section Asia Genre Drama