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Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back

A group of scientists are offered funding for genetic research if they clone Mew, the strongest pokémon ever. The cloning is successful and Mewtwo is born. However, not being content with its rulers' intentions, Mewtwo kills its masters and starts cloning other pokémon to become the best trainer in the world. Ash, Pikachu, Wigglytuff, and the others take the challenge, but what happens when they meet to battle themselves? They also find out that Mewtwo have bigger plans than just the championship and they need to defeat him to save the world. The dazzling and energetic animation has proven to be a recipe for success for kids all over the world. gil 

Yuyama Kunihiko (b. 1952) has made animation films and TV series since 1979. He is most known for the twelve movies in the Pokémon Series. He has also directed the TV series Sengoku majin Go-Shogun (1981) og Wedding Peach (1995), in addition to the straight-to-video film Kimagure Orange Road: Summers Beginning (1996). 

Japan 1998
Writer SHUDO Takeshi
Cinematographer SHIRAI Hisao
Cast Veronica TAYLOR, Dick RODSTEIN, Rachael LILLIS
Producer Tomoyuki IGARASHI, Takemoto MORI, Choji YOSHIKAWA
Production company Nintendo, Shogakukan Production, Oriental Light and Magic
Sales Norsk Filminstitutt
Language Norwegian
Format 35mm
Runtime 96 min
Section Mangapolis
Genre Animation