Sørfond pitching forum, the selected participants

We received a record number of applications to our fifth edition of the Sørfond Pitching Forum. The jury was impressed by the level of quality amongst the submitted projects, and expresses that it has been a challenge to only choose eight projects.

Av 16. sep 2015

The pitching forum takes place 14th of October and is organized by The Films from the South Foundation. It is held during Films From the South festival October 8–18, the biggest film festival in Oslo.

The purpose is to provide main producers from developing countries with the opportunity to present their film projects to Norwegian producers. If they enter into a co-production agreement, they may apply for support for the film from SØRFOND by 1st of March 2016.

The jury
This year's pitching jury consisted of Åse Meyer, former consultant at NFI, Anders Graham from Turbin Film who is behind the award-winning documentary Bjørnøya and director Hallvard Bræin known for Børning – one of the biggest blockbusters in Norwegian cinema.

Selected projects:

Vampire (Fiction)
Director: Vivek Budakoti
Country: India
Main producer: Rajita Sharma
The village of Haripur witnesses a series of unexplained farmer suicides. Fear of return of a mythical Pishaach or vampire grips the locals. The only remedy being a human sacrifice, low caste Maiku is chosen for the ritual. Maiku, however, keeps forth a condition for his willful submission and mock-challenges the religious scriptures by demanding to be converted to a high caste Bahman before his supreme sacrifice.

The Extraordinary Voyage (Doumentary)
Director/Main producer: Pablo Leónidas Nisenson
Country: Argentina
This extraordinary voyage is the story of a hero taking legal action against merchants that are devastating the wetlands, essential for the ecologic balance of the planet.

To All Naked Men (Fiction)
Director/Main producer: Bassam Chekhes
Country: Syria/Lebanon
2021. The war in Syria is drawing to an end, and the first reliable election stands on the ruins of the whole country. Salman (35) is a Syrian living and working in Lebanon. He looses his ID and to issue a new one he must go back to Syria, a trip that he refuses to take as it might reveals the circumstances of his sister disappearance.

The Silences (Fiction)
Director/Main producer: Beatriz Seigner
Country: Brazil/Colombia/India
Sometimes we think we keep a secret, but the secret is what keeps us. This is a story of a Colombian family living in Brazil.

A Sort of Family (Fiction)
Director: Diego Lerman
Country: Argentina/Brazil
Main producer: Nicolás Avruj
Erica, a middle class doctor, who has recently lost a baby, makes a trip to adopt a newborn from a poor family in the north.

Hhola Hhola (Fiction)
Director: Madoda Ncayiyana
Country: South Africa
Main producer: Julie Frederikse
A teen with a dream to perform is lured by a con-man, only to become a conman himself – until he out-cons the conman.

A Tooth For a Tooth (Fiction)
Director/Main producer: Ottis Ba Mamadou
Country: Senegal/France
Co-producer: Alexa Rivero
Dakar, Senegal 2011. Following the implementation of the IMF's recommendations to cut budgets, Idrissa has lost his job as a civil servant. This situation does not suit Idrissa at all. He holds IMF's Director Strauss-Kahn accountable for his misfortune. He can't stand the idea that his wife Viviane now provides sustenance for all the family. Teased by his friends, his frustration is growing. Feeling lost and humiliated, Idrissa decides to meet a marabout and put a spell on IMF's Director Strauss-Kahn on his way to French presidency.

The Last Harem (Fiction)
Director/ Main producer: Maryam Keshavarz
Country: Iran/India/Portugal
Set in politically tumultuous 19th century Persia, Jayran a 13 year old cross-dressing musician has an unusual love affair with young King Nasir.

SØRFOND Pitching Forum takes place October 14th, 2015, at 657 Oslo premises at Fredensborgveien 24D, 0177 Oslo.