Everything about festival tickets, and how and where to get them!

Ticket Categories and Prices

Punch Cards

PLEASE NOTE: Punch cards are physical cards and must be purchased in person at Vega Scene, Vika Cinema or Oslo Cinematheque. Punch cards are sold from the 28th of October onwards. Punch cards cannot be used for screenings at Jakob Church of Culture, Happy Hour, or Exterminate All the Brutes.

Punch cards can be used for the duration of the Films From the South festival, 11/11–21/11 2021. Cannot be used for digital ticket bookings; punch card holders must collect their tickets in person at the relevant screening venue.

Our punch cards are not personal, and you may redeem several tickets for one screening.

How do I buy tickets?

Tickets can be bought online and in person from Vika Cinema, Oslo Cinematheque and Vega Scene. You will find direct links to ticket sales for each individual screening from the information page for each film here on our website. Tickets are also sold through each venue's website.

Festival punch cards are physical cards that can be bought in person from Vika Cinema, Oslo Cinematheque, or Vega Scene.

Anything else?

Take a look at our Information page, which has answers to more questions as well as contact information for the festival office.