Equador, with its stunning Andean locales and picturesque coast, provides the backdrop for this wonderfully entertaining movie about two young women and their complex journey through the countryside. Esperanza (meaning hope) is there for the ultimate tourist snapshot. Tristeza (meaning sadness) is there for a completely different reason. She's in grief because her ex-boyfriend is getting married and she is frustrated at the political situation in the country. When the bus is cancelled because of a strike, they decide to try their luck hiking. Both women are forced to confront their own expectations throughout the journey. A well structured story, with excellent performances makes the ride very much worthwhile. ls

Original title Qué tan Lejos

Year 2006

Director Tania HARMIDA

Screenplay Tania HARMIDA

Cinematography Armando SALAZAR

Producer Mary Palacios, Gervasio Iglesias, Tania Harmida

Cast Tania MARTINEZ, Cecilia VALLEJO, Pancho AGUIRRE, Fausto MIÑO

Production Company Corporación Ecuador para Largo

Runtime 1h 56m

Format ??? Print/Format ???

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