Haiti, 1994. Three years have passed since the first democratic election in 200 years, but the country still suffers from the legacy of dictatorship. Violence, fear and death rule the streets, and President Jean-Bertrand Aristide is in exile. Political assassinations are everyday occurrences and change is made impossible by terror. Haiti, Silence of the Dogs portrays a cold and cynical Haiti. The film is concerned with the three years that followed the military coup in 1991, and is built around a series of interviews with President Aristide, in exile in Washington, and Robert Leaval, the Prime Minister who has been assigned the task to prepare the transition to democracy. tlå

Original title Haiti - Le silence des chiens

Year 1994

Director Raoul PECK

Screenplay Raoul PECK

Cinematography Raphaël MULARD

Producer Raoul PECK

Production Company KS Vision, Velvet Films

Runtime 52m

Format 16mm