After the memorable debut XXY (2007), Lucia Puenzo turns her gaze back to homeland Argentina with The Fish Child, the film version of Puenzo’s own debut novel from 2004 of the same name. She once again teams up with the brilliant Inés Efron from XXY, who gives another exceptional performance here. Lala, a young girl from an upper class family in Buenos Aires, is in love with the family's maid Guayi, a relationship they must keep hidden at all costs. The two girls raise funds by stealing cash and other valuables where they can, and plan to escape to Guayi’s hometown near Lake Ypoá. A city Guayi left under unclear circumstances, and where folk whisper of the legend of «el niño pez». Reason collides with emotions in this elegant and finely acted love story unlike any other. akek

Suitable for persons 15 years and older.

Original title El niño pez

Year 2009

Director Lucía PUENZO

Screenplay Lucía PUENZO

Cinematography Rolo PULPEIRO

Producer José María MORALES, Luis PUENZO

Cast Inés EFRON, Mariela VITALE, Pep MUNNÉ

Produksjonsselskap Historias Cinematograficas Cinemania, Ibermedia European Community Program, Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales, Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales, MK2 Productions, Televisión Española, Wanda Visión S.A.

Runtime 1h 36m

Format 35mm

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