Humour on film is the best form of attack. At least it can appear to be the tactic of filmmakers such as Rashid Masharawi. The building on the West Bank where brothers Sami and Milad (called «Stereo») live is hit by an Israeli missile attack. The explosion kills Stereo's wife, and Sami loses his hearing and ability to speak. A gloomy beginning, and so the brothers decide to emigrate to Canada via Ramallah. The combination of harsh realism and dark satire is in this case quite irresistible. Palestine Stereo is one of the most expensive Palestinian films produced to date. The project has been supported by SØRFOND. akek

Suitable for persons 15 years and older.

Rashid Masharawi (b. 1962) grew up in the Shati refugee camp in Gaza. He is a self-taught filmmaker, and founded the Cinema Production and Distribution Centre in Ramallah in 1996 to support Palestinian film. Selected filmography: Palestine Stereo (2013), Laila's Birthday (2008), Waiting (2005) and A Ticket to Jerusalem (2002).

Original title Falastine Stereo

Year 2013

Director Rashid MASHARAWI

Screenplay Rashid MASHARAWI

Cinematography Tarek Ben ABDALLAH

Producer Abdel Salam Abu ASKAR, Habib ATTIA, Rashid MASHARAWI

Cast Mahmud ABU-JAZI, Salah HANNOUN

Production Company Cinétéléfilms

Runtime 1h 30m

Format -

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