This year's Films from the South is over!

Films from the South was the most beautiful adventure of the fall in cinemas and filled up Vika, Vega Scene, and the other venues at this year’s festival. «To fill the cinema screens to celebrate Iranian film artist Jafar Panahi, the fight he leads along with thousands of others, and the powerful and entertaining films we are served from the many storytellers from the south, gives us great belief in the film culture of the future», says Head of Programming Lasse Skagen. «We are luckily back with great enthusiasm from a good and motivated audience, giving us the inspiration to build the festival in the years to come». 

Some of the highlights of the festival has been ARGENTINA, 1985 by Santiago Mitre, who won the audience award, the documentary set in the Amazon, THE TERRITORY, by Alex Pritz which won the Doc:South Award and Gabriel Martin’s MARS ONE which won the New Voices award for first and second-time directors. 

UTAMA, by Bolivian filmmaker Alejandro Grisi, was one of the best-received films by the audience and was screened in our section focusing on Climate, Rainforests, and indigenous people. And Sony Slow’s culinary comedy UMAMI made several people laugh during the festival. 

«2022 has been a comeback for Films from the South after two meager pandemic years», concludes Head of Programming Skagen. «The situation is still very difficult for the cinema industry in Oslo, and we hope that we as a festival have contributed to strengthening the broad and diverse global film culture we also need to present to the audience, which we neither see in cinemas nor streaming platforms».