Distressing documentary about religious and cultural oppression in the israeli ultra-orthodox Haredi community. A number of laws have been passed to ensure strictly ”modest” contact between men and women. One of these laws force women to ride in the back third of public buses. We meet two young women, blogger Sarah and photographer Shulamit, who have broken with the Haredi community. Their families have severed all bonds, and they have become outcasts. The both feel the need to break the silence, somehow. In a closed society where personal expression is increasingly limited, does the Internet medium present a rare opportunity for self-expression? akek

Original title Soreret

Year 2009

Director Anat Yuta ZURIA

Screenplay Anat Yuta ZURIA

Cinematography Roni KATZENELSON

Producer Anat Yuta ZURIA, Sigal LANDESBERG

Production Company Cats and Docs

Runtime 1h 16m

Format DigiBeta PAL

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