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The girl Ainbo embarks on a journey with the armadillo Dillo and the tapir Vaca to save the Amazon and her people before it is too late.

The screenings of Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon are in Norwegian.

Ainbo is a happy and active girl born and raised in a village in the deep jungle of the Amazon. One day she discovers that the precious rainforest is threatened by destruction by greedy people who want to cut it down! With the help of the armadillo Dillo and the tapir Vaca she starts a journey to get advice and help from the mightiest of the Amazon: The giant turtle Motelo Mama. Guided by Motelo Mama and her two clumsy friends, Ainbo is determined to save the jungle and her people before it is too late.


Richard Claus is an experienced Dutch producer and director. He has produced several feature films, documentaries and family films, among them Black Butterflies (2011) and The Price of Sugar (2013). Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon is co-directed with Jose Zelada. The film is Zelada’s feature debut.

This film is part of

CHILDREN'S FILMS FROM THE SOUTH Focus: Climate, Rainforest & Indigenous People

Original title Ainbo: El espíritu del Amazonas

Country Peru, The Netherlands, USA

Year 2021

Director Richard Claus, Jose Zelada

Screenplay Richard Claus, Brian Cleveland, Jason Cleveland, Larry Wilson, Jose Zelada

Producer Richard Claus, Cesar Zelada, Jose Zelada, Sergio Zelada

Production Company Cinema Management Group, Cool Beans, Tunche Films

Distribution Another World Entertainment

Runtime 1h 24m

Language Norwegian

Subtitles Norwegian

Genre Family, Animation

Format DCP

Age limit 6

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