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Riveting and insightful film about the workers who built the stadiums for the World Cup in Qatar.

The Workers Cup is one of very few films where a director has gained access to migrant workers in a Gulf country. This is a captivating documentary about migrant workers from several Asian and African countries building the stadiums for the World Cup in football, which will be held in Qatar in 2022. The construction companies decide to arrange a world cup for the workers, with each company having their own team. We are given insight into the lives of the workers who have left their families and now are trying to raise enough money for the people back home. Even though the overall message is gloomy and the conditions the workers live under are horrible, the film still manages to conjure up some humour and hope. The combination makes The Workers Cup an riveting and insightful film.


Adam Sobel is an American director who has worked as a journalist in the Middle East for many years delivering news for The Guardian and CNN. In 2012, he directed a series about the first Saudi Arabian woman to reach the top of Mount Everest. He has spent the last years in Qatar, and The Workers Cup is his feature film debut.

This film is part of

THE CRITICAL ROOM (TCR) World Cup in Football

Country Qatar, United Kingdom

Year 2017

Director Adam Sobel

Production Company Mediadente

Distribution NonStop

Runtime 1h 32m

Language English

Subtitles English

Genre Documentary

Format DCP

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