Mon 14.11
18:15 - 20:30
Vega 2

A masterfully told documentary about the legendary soccer player’s enormous success, and equally enormous fall from grace.

The screening of Maradona is subtitled in Norwegian.

On July 5th 1984 Diego Maradona came to Naples, and was met by 75 000 soccer fans. He stayed there for seven years. In many ways the time there was one long triumph – but the meeting with Naples was also the beginning of Maradona’s several year long personal nightmare. The soccer player’s story is here presented as a gripping saga about his enormous success, and his equally big fall from grace.

As part of our focus on the World Cup in soccer we are showing the film Diego Maradona by Asif Kapadia, the man behind the Oscar winning documentary Amy (2015) about Amy Winehouse and the critically acclaimed Senna (2010) about the Formula One star Ayrton Senna. The tragic story about the soccer star perfectly fits into Kapadia’s series of films about the dark side of fame.


Asif Kapadia (b. 1972) is a British filmmaker and producer, known for his visually striking documentaries. The most well-known deal with extremely talented and troubled individuals, such as race car driver Ayrton Senna and artist Amy Winehouse.

This film is part of

World Cup in Football

Original title Maradona

Country United Kingdom

Year 2019

Director Asif Kapadia

Producer James Gay-Rees, Paul Martin

Production Company Film4, Lorton Entertainment, On the Corner Films

Distribution Selmer Media

Runtime 2h 10m

Language Spanish, Italiensk, English, French, Portuguese, Katalansk

Subtitles Norwegian

Genre Documentary

Format DCP

Age limit 9

Links IMDb

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