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After a storm at sea, the young girl Shenxiu finds herself in a colorful, dreamlike new world. Here, she embarks on a journey to find the mythical «Eye of the Deep Sea.»

Shenxiu has carried a deep sadness since her mother left her when she was little. Her father's new family doesn't make it any easier, and during a cruise trip, she ends up falling in the sea. On her way down into the depths, she unexpectedly receives help and finds herself with Master Chef Nanhe, who operates a seafood restaurant. He becomes her salvation in the quest to find her mother. This is a touching story, created with a combination of 3D animation and xieiyi painting that is truly impressive.

Lasse Skagen


Xiaopeng Tian is one of the first Chinese artists to work with 3D animation. In 1999, he founded October Media, an animation studio dedicated to innovation in CGI. The animated feature film Monkey King: Hero is Back (2015) was a groundbreaking work in Chinese animation and a major box office success

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Original title 深海 (Shēn Hǎi)

Country China

Year 2023

Director Xiaopeng Tian

Screenplay Xiaopeng Tian

Producer Wang Jing, Jin Sun, Yunyun Wei, Qiao Yi

Cast Tingwen Wang, Su Xin, Kuixing Teng

Production Company October Media

Distribution Fortissimo Films

Runtime 1h 52m

Language Mandarin

Subtitles English

Genre Adventure, Animation, Family

Format DCP

Age limit 9

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This film is in competition for the Audience Award.

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