This year's award winners at the Films from the South Festival

ABOUT DRY GRASSES, ANHELL69, and PERFECT DAYS are this year's winners at the 33rd edition of Films from the South.

The winners of this year's awards at the 33rd edition of the Films from the South festival have been announced, and we are proud to present ABOUT DRY GRASSES by Nuri Bilge Ceylan, ANHELL69 by Theo Montoya, and PERFECT DAYS by Wim Wenders as the winning films.

The winners of The Silver Mirror Award and Doc:South have their final screenings on Sunday, NOV 19.

The screening of PERFECT DAYS on Sunday is sold out. The film will have its Norwegian premiere in February 2024.


This year, 10 films have participated in the festival's international main competition, with the opportunity to win the festival's main prize, The Silver Mirror Award. The jury that has assessed the films consisted of Chloé Faulkner, Farzad Samsami, and Hallvard Berby.

About Dry Grasses


The winner of The Silver Mirror Award is Nuri Bilge Ceylan's ABOUT DRY GRASSES. The film is distributed in Norway by Arthaus and will have its theatrical premiere in February 2024.

Jury statement:

«The Silver Mirror Award celebrates a film distinguished by its sophisticated visual elegance and profound storytelling. It stands out for its exceptional complexity, expansive narrative, and visionary scope. Despite its considerable length of 3 hours and 17 minutes, the film remains engaging, never testing the audience's patience. At the heart of its brilliance lies a masterful use of dialogue—a delicate interplay of imagination and finesse—that forms the backbone of its narrative richness. These dialogues, brilliantly brought to life by exceptional acting performances against the backdrop of the Anatolian mountain, add a layer of emotional depth that resonates profoundly.

The film ventures into the depths of human complexities, encouraging profound reflection on significant and pressing themes. As viewers, we are confronted with what feels like deeply urgent existential and political dilemmas. This is a film that one can dwell on for a long time, and it withstands comparison with the greatest literary and cinematic works.»

In addition, the jury has given an Honorable Mention to THE BREAKING ICE by Anthony Chen.


In the competition program, Doc:South, 10 documentary films competed for the main documentary film award. The jury consisted of Daniil Ryvænge, Elise Maria Høkaas, and Jonathan Halvorsen, who chose ANHELL69 by Theo Montoya as this year's winner.



Jury statement:

«The Doc:South Award goes to a film that sheds an intimate and touching light on the everyday lives of a vulnerable group of people in Medellin, Colombia. Through the film's narrative technique, the audience is deeply engaged in a personal journey portrayed in a free and vibrant manner. The story unfolds in an environment characterized by young individuals with fluid sexuality and a compelling need for self-expression, all within a society marked by violence and minority hostility.

The film explores complex themes such as coming of age, dreams, hope, and death, conveyed through a poetic and visual language, supported by a unique cast of characters. It breathes life through the rich narrative it aims to convey, while the filmmaker does not shy away from sharing insights into the organic process behind the film's creation. The film's depth underscores the importance of allowing complete freedom for individual sexuality and highlights the consequences of restricting love within a society. It resonates beyond the screen, leaving the audience with reflections on inclusion and the importance of embracing diversity in human love.»

In addition, the jury has chosen to give an Honorable Mention to Thierno Souleymane Diallo's THE CEMETERY OF CINEMA.


Films from the South is primarily an audience festival, and the audience has voted for the film they liked best at the festival. One lucky winner is drawn and receives an iPhone 15 Blue from Mycall.

The winner of the Audience Award at this year's Films from the South is PERFECT DAYS by Wim Wenders.

Perfect Days 2