Don't miss these films on the last days of the festival

The last days of the festival is approaching, but there is still time to watch great films.

Still 4

watch the crowd favourite MONSTER by Hirokazu Koreeda this saturday at Films from South.

Cowds favourites

The Japanese film MONSTER by master director Hirokazu Koreeda and THE PERSIAN VERSION by the Iranian-American Maryam Keshavarz have been popular with sold out screenings. You have the opportunity to watch both on the big screen this weekend. MONSTER is screened Saturday 20:15 at Vika 1 and THE PERSIAN VERSION is screened 17:00 at Vika 1.

Todays recommendations

From today's screenings we recommend MOVING, a gripping coming-of-age drama in which the children's perspective is translated with a charming visual language.

Colourful CASSANDRO, with the Mexican superstar Gael Garcia Bernal in the lead role is also a wonderful film experience.

Also worth experiencing today is the West African festive evening, an exciting evening with film and music. There, this year's guest of honour Moussa Sene Absa will be awarded an honorary award by program manager Lasse Skagen.

Directors portraits

At this year's festival we have two director portraits, focusing on the Senegalese director Moussa Sene Absa and the Iranian-American Maryam Keshavarz.

On Saturday 18 NOV, Moussa visits the screenings of XALÉ, MADAME BROUTTE and TABLEU FERRAILLE at Cinemateket. He will also be available for Q&A.

Maryam Keshavarz will also have director's interviews at the screenings of CIRCUMSTANCE and THE PERSIAN VERSION.

Hidden Gems

More "hidden gems", films and events worth catching, include the artwork of a film MAMI WATA, the documentary about the most famous Korean artist of all time NAMJUNE PAIK: THE MOON IS THE OLDEST TV and panel discussion at the screening of the documentary THE TAKEOVER.

Screening in support of Gaza

On Sunday 19 NOV. at 14.00 we have a screening in support for Gaza at Vega Scene. We are screening the documentary AMBULANCE, made by Mohamed Jabaly, which follows Palestinian ambulance drivers during the war in 2016. All proceeds from the screening go to Doctors Without Borders.