Mon 14.11
20:00 - 22:14
Vika 2

Monday NOV 14th we will screen the film HIDDEN LETTERS, about the ancient Chinese language Nushu – the only language in the world developed and used only by women. After the film there will be a conversation about women’s position and future in Xi Jinping’s China.

With Nushu as a starting point, HIDDEN LETTERS follows the long historical line to the modern Chinese woman, who still suffers under a social order in which the woman is subordinate to the man. The film’s co-producer, Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas, will meet Gerald Folkvord from Amnesty International for a conversation about women’s position and future in China. The conversation is moderated by public debater and actor Uma Feed.

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  • Moderator – Uma Feed is an active social debater, actor and interdisciplinary stage artist. She is a trained method acting actor with a grade from NSKI College and has worked as a freelance stage artist for a number of years. Her most recent video work, 유일한 이야기 The Only Story, was shown at the opening exhibition «I call it Art» at the new National Museum in Oslo. She has had her own performing arts productions and performances, been a performer in other people's performances and productions for the stage, as well as doing minor roles for TV, film and advertising.
  • Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas is an award-winning producer and editor. She has co-produced Hidden Letters through her own company Ten Thousand Images, which she started in 2014. Previously, she has, among other things, produced Nowhere to Hide (2016), which won an Amanda award for best documentary and was nominated for an Emmy.
  • Gerald Folkvord is political advisor at Amnesty International in Norway. He mostly works with issues related to human rights, security and how digital development affects people's rights. Gerald is also responsible for Amnesty Norway's work with China, and he has followed the development of human rights in China for over 20 years.

About the film

"Nushu is mostly about grief and suffering," says Xin Hu, an elderly communicator of the secret Chinese written language - a written language that has existed for a thousand years created by Chinese women. For several generations, women were not allowed to learn to read or write. Over the years it has been a free space for the grief many women felt when they were forced into miserable marriages.

The Critical Room

The Critical Room (TCR) is our forum for debate and conversation. We invite exciting guests from both Norway and abroad to discuss topics that are highlighted in both documentaries and fiction films. This year we are showing five films in the TCR section, each of which in its own way addresses current social issues and problems related to countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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