A new and sparkling animation from the Japanese Ghibli Studio. Tiny Arrietty lives under the floor of a big beautiful house with her equally tiny parents. The house’s owners are happily ignorant of their tenants. Everything the tiny family owns, they get or make from things they have borrowed. But life in hiding is not always easy and therefore, the borrowers' lives are full of dangers and excitement. Arrietty has always been warned: if they are seen by a human, they have to move. What happens when a 12-year-old boy moves into the house? red

The screening on Sunday October 9 has been moved from Lillebil to Tancred and there are still available tickets.

The screenings in Filmens hus (Lillebil) have Norwegian speech.

Original title Kari-gurashi no Arietti

Year 2010

Director Hiromasa YONEBAYASHI

Screenplay Hayao MIYAZAKIKeiko NIWA

Cinematography Atsushi OKUI

Producer Toshio SUZUKI

Cast Mirai SHIDA, Ryûnosuke KAMIKI, Shinobu OHTAKE

Produksjonsselskap Studio Ghibli

Runtime 1h 34m

Format DCP

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