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From one of the most known directors from South Korea, we get a film noir in the best vein of Hitchcock.

ADDITIONAL SCREENING: We have added a screening of DECISION TO LEAVE Saturday NOV 19th at 20.40. Note that this screening only have Norwegian subtitles.

South Korean director Park Chan-wook is back with a new masterpiece after being awarded Best Director, and being the best reviewed film, at this year’s film festival in Cannes.

Hae-Joon (Park Hae-il) is an experienced detective from Busan assigned to a case concerning a man who has fallen to his death from a cliff. The circumstances around the death are murky and his beautiful and mysterious Chinese wife (Tai Wei) is a suspect. Already in the interrogation room, the detective notices a fascination, and the first hints of an attraction, towards the femme fatale. From there the plot twists and turns as Hae-Joon is struggling to stay away from the woman he is falling deeply in love with.

As in Park Chan-wook’s previous work, we are in for a delightfully stylish and visually brilliant work of art. At the same time, he probes into the film noir genre in the vein of other great film artists, and demands close attention from the audiences. As the honorary guest at Films from the South in 2019 we got a broad insight into the mastery of his filmmaking, with titles such as The Handmaiden and Oldboy. Now he is back with a true hitchcockian noir thriller.

Lasse Skagen


Park Chan-wook was born in Seoul and studied philosophy at Sogang University. He worked as a film critic before becoming a film director. He is known for celebrated films like Joint Security Area (2000), Oldboy (2003) og The Handmaiden (2016). The director visited Films from the South in 2019 where he received The Silver Mirror Honorary Award. Decision to Leave is his most recent film.

This film is part of

Åpningsfilm Main Competition K-FILM Audience Award

Original title 헤어질 결심 (Heojil Kyolshim)

Country South Korea

Year 2022

Director Park Chan-wook

Screenplay Park Chan-wook, Chung Seo-kyung

Cinematography Kim Ji-yong

Producer Park Chan-wook, Ko Dae-seok

Cast Tang Wei, Park Hae-il, Go Kyung-pyo, Teo Yoo

Production Company Moho Films

Distribution Arthaus

Runtime 2h 18m

Language Korean, Mandarin

Subtitles English

Genre Suspense

Format DCP

Age limit 15

Links IMDb

This film is in competition for the Audience Award.

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