Sat 19.11
19:00 - 22:40
Cosmopolite Scene

This year’s closing night ceremony will be at Cosmopolite with a concert from The Turbans and a sneak peek of Lido Pimientas TV series, Lido TV.

Pophybrid, afrofuturistic rebel, global artist, and now the creative creator of the eccentric satirical TV series Lido TV. We will show two fresh episodes of Canadian-Colombian Lido Pimienta’s new TV series, which had its world premiere at the film festival in Toronto earlier this year.

The episodes FEMINISM and HATE have been picked out for screening, as part of our closing night ceremony at Cosmopolite. From her colorfully decorated studio, with the help of her super cute friends, we join Pimienta’s piercing look at racism, Internet trolls and macho stupidity in the Colombian DJ scene.

Lasse Skagen


Maya Annik Bedward is a Canadian director and producer, working in film and television. After living in Brazil and the UK, Maya returned to Toronto and co-founded Third Culture Media. She is also known for The foreigner (2014), The Haircut (2018) and Why We Fight (2021). Alicia K. Harris is a Canadian film director and screenwriter. She attracted critical acclaim for her 2019 short film Pick (2019), which won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Live Action Short Drama in 2020.

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Original title Lido TV

Country Canada

Year 2022

Director Lido Pimienta (serieskaper), Maya Annik Bedward, Alicia K. Harris

Screenplay Tim Fontaine, Sarah Hagi, Lido Pimienta

Cinematography Ann Tipper

Producer Christina Carvalho

Cast Lido Pimienta, Ali Eisner, Naomi Skwarna, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Adam Francis Proulx, Sarah Ashby, Hannah Gelman

Production Company Lido Pimienta TV

Distribution CBC Gem

Runtime 40m

Language English

Subtitles No Subtitles

Genre TV-serie

Format DCP

Age limit A

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