All About Digital Screenings

Everything you need to know about this year's digital film festival.

The 31st edition of Films From the South is nearly over, but we’re happy to be able to offer you a selection of this year’s festival titles for digital, at-home screenings from the 22nd to the 28th of November.

When and where?

You can begin watching the films through our digital screening platform starting Monday 9am, but it’s possible to book your tickets for the films you want to see from Sunday evening onwards. Digital screenings can be sold out just like ordinary cinema screenings, as our screening licences cover a limited number of viewings per film.

Which films are on offer?

Click here for an overview of the titles included in our digital selection.

Tickets / Movie rental

It costs 79 NOK to rent each film individually. All of the films in the selection will be available on the platform from November 22nd to 28th. You will have 24 hours to watch it once you have pressed play, and then your access to the film in question will expire.

How does it work?

One option is to connect your computer to the TV directly using an HDMI cable, and watch movies via your desktop browser. You can also stream the movies to your TV via Apple AirPlay from your Mac, mobile phone or iPad if you use the Safari browser. If you have an Android device (version 6.0 or later), you can watch movies with Chrome or cast to Chromecast. The films are geo-blocked and only accessible for screening in Norway.

Further questions?

Please click here for an extensive Q&A page within the digital screening platform (scroll down for English).

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