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Eleven days of film festival is almost over. We hope you have had a wonderful experience so far, and that you will continue to be our guests in the future. Here are the winners of the awards for 2014. 


Films from the South is over for now but the impressions of the audiences and the films will certainly last for longer. We spoke to three loyal festival goers about the films that left the biggest impressions this year.

Khalo Matabane and the great icon of liberation

Khalo Matabane’s films have tackled issues central to South Africa’s fragile democratic identity with sensitivity and intelligence. His documentaries have ranged in topics such as HIV/AIDS in Love in a Time of Sickness, the liberation struggle of three township activists with nothing in common in Young Lions to exposing the immigrant experience of Johannesburg in Conversations on a Sunday Afternoon. 

Jodorowsky visits Films from the South via Skype

Cult legend Alejandro Jodorowsky was meant to visit the Films from the South Festival 16th – 19th October as our guest of honour. Unfortunately he is prevented to travel due to illness, but will be present via Skype in correspondence with the announced artist talks and screenings. 

Closing Ceremony with Jodorowsky´s Dune

We called up the director of this years closing-film Frank Pavich, for a talk about his latest, much anticipated documentary; Jodorowsky´s Dune. The documentary about the greatest movie never made. Meet Pavich and Jodorowsky in conversation at the closing ceremony. 

Art, Satire and Freedom of Speech in South Africa

In the spring of 2012, Brett Murray exhibited his painting, The Spear, at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg. Just weeks later he had been publicly condemned and he had received multiple death threats. Not long after, the painting was defaced. This is the starting point of Shield and Spear, a documentary film dealing with art and freedom of speech in present-day South Africa. We got the opportunity to ask Brett Murray some questions about the controversy surrounding his painting, about the situation in South Africa and about the film.

Beyond favelas

Latin America's largest country has experienced ups and downs in its long film history. After hitting rock bottom in the early 90s, Brazilian film has flourished again, and Brazil is currently one of the most exciting film nations in the world. Join us on a road trip through Brazil's modern film history- from the barren plains in the northeast, through the slums of Rio and out to the vibrant coastal city of Recife. 

Dealing with forced marriages

Director Afia Nathaniel depicts in her first feature film, Dukhtar, an extreme form of forced marriage, that between a child and an old man. The consequence is a mother and her daughter running for freedom. Nathaniel knows Pakistan well and what it means to be forced into marriage. She wants above all to make changes with her film.

Daniel Burman presents The Mystery of Happiness

Daniel Burman’s The Mystery of Happiness is a warm, contemplative film that questions the true nature of happiness. What is happiness? What happens when the object of our happiness no longer brings us happiness? Do we continue to hold on out of obligation or do we move on? We sat down for an exclusive interview with the director about his latest work.

George Ovashvili - simply gorgeous

It is with great pleasure we announce that George Ovashvili will be our guest at this year’s Films from the South Festival. In his suitcase, he brings with him his newest film, Corn Island - winner of this year’s main prize at the prestigious Karlovy Vary Film Festival and also Georgias Oscar- candidate for best foreign film. Meet the director at October 15th and 16th during the festival.

Afia Nathaniel - my life is just like Top Gun

After several award-winning short films, Afia Nathaniel makes her debut with the beautiful film Dukhtar (Daughter). Inspired by a true story from her home country, Pakistan. The road has been long, but the result makes an exhilarating thriller with a ravishing film language. The film has been awarded production grants by SØRFOND.

Magical Márquez

In April this year, the critically acclaimed and much adored Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez passed away. Lush, exotic, enhancing, magical ... these are the words that are often used to describe the books by the author who probably, with the possible exception of pop singer Shakira, is the world's most famous Colombian. Films from the South honors the iconic author by screening three films based on his novels and short stories.

The South American wave part 2

This year's main guests range from the expressionist by Brazilian Karim Aïnouz, the realistic drama by Venezuelan Mariana Rondón, the surreal in the films of Chilean-French Alejandro Jodorowsky, the interpersonal, but more conventional in Argentine Daniel Burmans movies. Our four main guests who have been selected for this year's director´s special portraits, all originate in South-America. Is this a coincidence?

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