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Khyentse Norbu makes his films at the intersection of modern Bhutan and the strictly tradition-bound Buddhist culture in the country. In his latest film, it’s clear to see that many younger Bhutanese people lead secular lives – to a far greater extent than what was the case just a few years ago. Just when you get the impression that you are watching a relatively traditional drama film, mysterious elements both engaging and fascinating are added to the narrative mix.

In Looking for a Lady with Fangs and a Moustache, we meet a young secular entrepreneur living in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu. He encounters what seems to be a common quack with a monk's cloak and sunglasses, who foretells the young man’s imminent death; unless, that is, he seeks out the mysterious woman with fangs, a mythical figure from Buddhism. The message is first received with skepticism, but a series of groundbreaking visions and experiences put the entrepreneur's adamantly secular worldview to the test: Is there a possibility that the monk might be telling the truth?

Jon Sæter


Khyentse Norbu (b. 1961) is one of Bhutan's most prominent filmmakers, and also known as the third incarnation of the reformer Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo. His debut The Cup (1999) became an international sensation. When Bernardo Bertolucci made Little Buddha in the early 90s, Norbu was hired as a consultant.

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Director's Portrait: Khyentse Norbu MAIN COMPETITION

Country Nepal, Mexico, Singapore

Year 2019

Director Khyentse Norbu

Screenplay Khyentse Norbu

Cinematography Ping Bin Lee

Producer Max Dipesh Khatri

Cast Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche, Tsering Tashi Gyalthang, Tulku Kungzang, Tenzin Kunsel, Ngawang Tenzin

Production Company Philosojoy Production, Shatkon Arts

Distribution Abramorama

Runtime 1h 53m

Language Tibetansk, Nepali

Subtitles English

Genre Drama, Adventure, Suspense

Format DCP

Age limit 12

Links IMDb ‘Looking for a Lady With Fangs and a Moustache’ Review: A Search for Buddhist Wisdom in Modern Kathmandu

This film is in competition for the Audience Award.

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