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On the 28th of April 2012, Mexican journalist Regina Martínez Pérez was found brutally murdered in her home. Through her work, Pérez had shone a light on the connections between drug cartels and corrupt politicians, as well as the direct link to thousands of innocent people who have gone missing or simply been murdered. Since 2000, at least 119 journalists have been murdered in Mexico. This makes the country the single most dangerous place in the world for members of the free press.

In collaboration with more than 60 journalists from 25 media houses across 18 countries, the production company Forbidden Stories want to direct attentions to the inherent corruption, which includes gun trade between the police and cartels, which controls the drug sales in Mexico.

The Cartel Project is a gripping testimony on the absolute necessity of a free press in countries where power play and corruption run free amongst the political elite, and where drug cartels meet with little to no resistance.

Forbidden Stories is a non-profit organisation which works towards supporting the international work of journalists in the fight for freedom of the press.

Helene Aalborg


Jules Giraudat er en fransk undersøkende journalist utdannet ved Toulouse universitet og Europa Business School. I tillegg arbeider han som dokumentarfilmskaper, og har blant annet koordinert 45 journalisters arbeid under navnet Daphne Project og co-regissert dokumentarfilmen Daphne : celle qui en savait trop, som handler om drapet på Daphne journalisten Caruana Galizia. Han har også laget dokumentarfilmer om fransk politikk, Volkswagen-utslippskandalen og forurensing i India og USA.

This film is part of

DOC:SOUTH Digital Film Program

Original title Projet Cartels

Country Mexico, France

Year 2021

Director Jules Giraudat

Cinematography Raoul Seigneur, Jules Giraudat, Mathias Denizo, Christophe Astruc, Rammohan Pateriya, Arthur Bouvart

Producer Laurent Richard

Production Company Forbidden Films

Runtime 1h 13m

Language Spanish, French, English

Subtitles English

Genre Documentary

Format DCP

Age limit 15

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