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Love, revolution and war through 8 year in this timely documentary.

A Rising Fury takes a fly-on-the-wall approach and follows a couple; The volunteer activist Svitlana and the soldier Pavlo. Russian aggression reveals buried secrets and puts friendships at stake. Stories and images the audiences will know through the media will seem more intense and touching, as we experience them up close and carefully observed. What follows is a journey that began with the Maidan revolution in Kyiv in 2013 and led to a full scale war in 2022.

The film is an attempt to attack Russia’s enormous propaganda machine and resist their aggressive information warfare. The film crew are not soldiers themselves but use their profession as filmmakers as resistance in the war. The film premiered at Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year.

Maka Dolidze


Lesya Kalynska is an award winning producer, director and author from Kiyv in Ukraine. Here she took her PhD in Slavic literature and linguistics. She has also worked as a language professor at the University of Illinois and has her master’s degree in script writing and directing from New York University. Ruslan Batytskyi is also a writer and filmmaker with a bachelor’s degree in directing for film and television, and has made several short films. After starting his film career in 2009 he also became interested in project management and process analysis, using his skills in his own creative work process.

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Country Ukraine, USA, Norway

Year 2022

Director Lesya Kalynska, Ruslan Batytskyi

Screenplay Lesya Kalynska, TJ Collins

Cinematography Ruslan Batytskyi

Producer Lesya Kalynska, Ruslan Batytskyi, TJ Collins, Jonathan Borge Lie

Production Company Pomegranate Studios, Batytskyi Production, Volt film

Runtime 1h 22m

Language Ukrainian, Russian, English

Subtitles English

Genre Documentary

Format DCP

Age limit 15

Links IMDb

This film is in competition for the Audience Award.

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