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Hoping for a positive change, war reporter Nagieb Khaja attempts to document the transition of power in Afghanistan, after decades of war and half a century as a piece in a grand political game.

After the transition of power in Afghanistan, while several locals try to flee the country, award winning Nagieb Khaja travels there to depict the politics primarily as a human being, and secondly as a journalist.

Taliban Land is a continuation of his documentaries about the west’s war on terror. Alongside his documentaries, he has written two critically acclaimed books, one about Afghanistan in 2011 and one about Syria in 2017.

As the director himself says in interviews, he is concerned with telling the truth through his films. Taliban Land is an attempt at covering war and conflicts and at the same time keeping the audiences well informed about the circumstances and other factors that directly affect how we experience the truth of the situation.

Maka Dolidze


Den prisbelønte krigskorrespondenten, journalisten og forfatteren Nagieb Khaja er født i København i 1979 og har selv afghanske røtter. Han har dekket krigene i Afghanistan, Syria og Gaza. Hans dokumentarfilmer har blitt vist på bl.a. Al Jazeera; BBC, Guardian TV og Vice International. Nagieb Kaja er kjent for å være en av svært få journalister over hele verden som har fått tilgang til ledende ansikter i jihadistgrupper som Al-Qaida og Taliban.

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Original title Talibanland

Country Denmark

Year 2022

Director Nagieb Khaja, Peter Eggert Vesterlund

Cinematography Ateeqyullah Massud

Producer Troels Jørgensen, Jesper Mauritzen

Production Company TV2 Denmark

Runtime 1h 7m

Language Danish, Dari

Subtitles English

Genre Documentary

Format DCP

Age limit 12

Links IMDb

This film is in competition for the Audience Award.

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