Sun 13.11
18:00 - 20:01
Vega 1

25 year old Freddie has grown up in France, but is now returning to the country she was born for the first time. This leads to a demanding journey into her own identity and rootlessness.

French-Cambodian Davy Chou premiered Return to Seoul in the prestigious Un certain regard section in Cannes earlier this year. The film wonderfully portrays, with rare sensibility, the rootlessness early adoption can lead to.

25 year old Freddie is a young independent woman born in South Korea, but grown up with French adoptive parents in Paris. She is tough, almost a bit cynical, in her approach to others, and never declines a good party. When she impulsively decides to change her trip to Tokyo to Seoul, and is suddenly back in her home country for the first time after her adoption, it triggers a drive to find out more about her origin.

Lasse Skagen

13. NOV – Intro by Uma Feed

Societal debater, actor and interdisciplinary performing artist introduces the screening of RETURN TO SEOUL on Sunday NOV. 13th at 18.00 in Vega 1.


Davy Chou is a Cambodian-French filmmaker and one of the founders of the production company Vycky Films. He made his short film debut in 2006 with Le Premiere film de Davy Chou and has since made Expired (2008), The Twin Diamond (2009), Golden Slumbers (2012) and Cambodia 2099 (2014). He made his feature debut in 2016 with Diamond Island which premiered in the Critic’s Week in Cannes.

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Original title Retour à Séoul

Country South Korea, France, Germany, Belgium, Romania

Year 2022

Director Davy Chou

Screenplay Davy Chou

Cinematography Thomas Favel

Producer Katia Khazak, Charlotte Vincent

Cast Park Ji-min, Oh Kwang-rok, Guka Han

Production Company Aurora Films

Distribution Selmer

Runtime 1h 56m

Language Korean, French, English

Subtitles English

Genre Drama

Format DCP

Age limit 12

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