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A beautiful film for the whole family about longing, love, and future-oriented entrepreneurship

The young boy Jun Kyung lives in a small and remote village in the Gyeongsang province in South Korea with his sister and father. He is a clever kid, with a penchant for mathematics and ambitions to study in the city. Even if the railway passes the village he lives in, there is no station in town, and to get to the city, the villagers must follow the railway lines by foot. A frightening and dangerous journey through several tunnels and over bridges, which has cost several villagers their lives, including Jun Kyung's mother. For him, these conditions are the topic for several letters to the country's president, who he wants to finance a station. Although the letters remain unanswered, Jung Kyung does not lose faith, and as he eventually becomes the best student in his class, the hope of a station in the village grows closer.

The film is both heartwarming and heartbreaking, funny and sad, and a type of family film with a deeper meaning that we seldom see anymore, but which perhaps Robin Williams or Tom Hanks would have starred in had it been shot in the US in the 90s or 80s. Add brilliant acting, striking images and a beautiful score, and you have a great cinema experience for both young and old.


Jang-Hoon Lee (b. 1973) is a South Korean director and screenwriter. Miracle: Letters to the President is his second film. In 2018, he directed Be with You, a film that won Son Ye-jin the best actress award both at The Seoul Awards and at the Faro Island Film Festival.

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Original title 기적 (Gi-Juk)

Country South Korea

Year 2021

Director Jang-Hoon Lee

Screenplay Jang-Hoon Lee

Cinematography Tae-soo Kim

Producer Kyung-sam Yook

Cast Moon-Sung Jung, Soo-kyung Lee, Jeong Min Park, So-Eul Park

Production Company Blossom Pictures., Lotte Entertainment

Runtime 1h 57m

Language Korean

Subtitles English

Genre Drama

Format DCP

Age limit 6

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This film is in competition for the Audience Award.

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