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A movie about finding your own family and a safe place to call home after disaster strikes. The story is told using legendary creatures and tales mixed with daily life and culture.

The House of the Lost on the Cape is about Hiyory and Yui who moves together with the eccentric woman Kiwa after a natural disaster. Hiyory has escaped from a controlling husband and Yui has lost her family, and consequently her voice. Both follow Kiwa to her magical house at a desolate cliff, a place where everything you wish for can come true. But there is also a darkness lurking, threatening the existence of the house and the world around it. The film uses a wide specter of vibrant colors to convey the story, making for realistic and evocative imagery, at times making the scenes seem almost real. Lakes and cities are brought to life in a way that takes your breath away, and the creatures are wonderfully drawn – especially the wormlike shadow creatures that steal the joy from people.

Anette Rasmussen


Shinya Kawatsura was born in the Osaka prefecture in Kasaki region in Japan. Previous he has worked with animation studios like Bee Train and Silver Link. He is a household name within the anime culture where many of his titles are praised. The house of the lost cape will be his debut as a director in North America, and will also be show in other parts of the world, as well as on this festival.

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Original title 岬のマヨイガ (Misaki no Mayoiga)

Country Japan

Year 2021

Director Shin’ya Kawatsura

Screenplay Reiko Yoshida

Producer Noriko Iwasaki, Taku Matsua og Yoshinori Takeeda

Cast Mana Ashida, Takuya Tasso, Shinobu Otake, Awano Sari, Sally Amaki, Mikio Date, Takeshi Tomizawa, Shohei Uno, Madeleine Morris, Pam Dougherty, Risa Mei.

Production Company David Production

Distribution Elven Arts

Runtime 1h 40m

Language Japanese

Subtitles English

Genre Animation

Format DCP

Age limit 12

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